Created with love by Greer Jonas and Andie SantoPietro

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I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I am sorry

Year of the Fire Rooster

Artist - Greer Jonas

I drink sour lemon and it burst into Golden Sunshine!

 Lemuria - Greer Jonas

    Original Painting

    2018: Turning Point or Tipping Point?   
Sunday, November 19 - 10:00am-5:00pm NYC 
  w/Andie SantoP ietro

The Year of the Fire Rooster has proven true to form for the Rooster provides the first crow of the morning...the proverbial "Wake Up Call" and oh my, what a shock and wake up call 2017 has been!!!  


Those who consider themselves to be sensitive, empathic, or of LightWorker descent are feeling the overwhelming fears & current state of the world's uncertainty the most.


As evidenced by the current levels of our extremely polarized "social consciousness",

the Earth's magnetic Zero Point and all the anticipated changes that we thought it would bring is now upon us. There has been a major shift in the cosmic plans for Planet Earth, and the Human race is now being summoned to make a very pivotal, collective decision on the direction that our planet is going. 


This is an urgent call to arms, for the closest we have come to this type of watershed moment was just prior to the transitioning of Lemuria/Atlantis 26,000 years ago!  As

we enter this current portal of "circular time", Mother Earth is also reaching out 

simultaneously for assistance, as she too is now facing her final Evolutionary Cycle of Transition.


On both a personal and a soul-contract level, the choices that this current passage is presenting to those who choose to stay awake and heed the call is nothing short of

mind blowing...for this IS exactly what many of us came in to do!  


If you are feeling a "call" to join us, then we look forward to seeing you at the reunion!


Workshop Topics:  5d Updates, Lightbody Upgrades, Torus Activations for Earth &

11 Selves, Time-Line Jumping, Stargate Charging Stations, and More!

Location:  307 West 30th Street, 3rd Floor, NYC (bet. 8th/9th Ave) - a New Venue!
Class Fee: $250 Pay Online through Paypal using link below.


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