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Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

Andie was initially trained in the1980's as a social worker and specialized in working with domestic violence, physically & sexually abused adults and adolescent clients. Over the years, as her own spiritual path evolved, she personally studied, then incorporated many other disciplines into her practice including Psychic/Intuition Development, the Chakra Energy System, Bach Flower Remedies, Color & Sound Therapy and Crystal Healing.


Back in 1990, after struggling for many years with her own serious illness, a synchronistic series of events introduced her to the world of BTB Feng Shui teachings. For the next 20 years, she had the great privilege to study Feng Shui Design under the tutelege of her Spiritual Master, World Renown - H.H Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche Leader of Black Hat Sect of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. 

International Feng Shui Expert/Author of Best Selling Books

She went on to become an Internationally known Feng Shui Expert writing two best selling books on the subject, Feng Shui: Harmony By Design and Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of A Home. With her books written in several languages, she has taught classes, lectured and consulted on Feng Shui in nine different countries around the world, teaching regularly in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Over her career span of 30+ years, she has uniquely combined her experience as a Feng Shui Expert, Psycho-Spiritual Therapist, Gifted Intuit with her knowledge of the Chakra Energy System and created a highly effective Psycho/Spiritual/Environmental approach to healing and personal transformation.  


Her Feng Shui Consultation business, ASP&A, Inc. opened back in 1990 and for the past 24 years has provided Home, Health & Business Consultations, her highly acclaimed Feng Shui Consultant Training Programs- The Accelerated Pathtm, Psycho-Spiritual Counseling and a non- profit program- Feng Shui Around The World (1998-2002) which provided free Feng Shui Consultations for individuals faced with life-challenging illnesses. Her lectures and workshops include such topics as Feng Shui Design, Ascension Process, Soul Contracts, Chakra Energy System, Atlantis/Lemuria Revisited and on becoming the new 5D Human!

Phone, Skype & On-Site Services Available  

As well as working on-site, Andie also travels for many of her Home, Office, and Business Feng Shui Consultations. Due do her international clientele she also provides Feng Shui Consults and 5d Psycho-Spiritual Therapy Sessions via Phone or Skype. She has offices in Brooklyn & Long Island, NY 

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LightWorker... Here In Service

Although Andie has been known for the many different hats that she wears, personally, she most identifies with her role as a LightWorker first. With a great sense of awareness, she has taken full ownership of her soul's work here as a LightWorker and her life's calling to assist all humans with their heart and soul's calling be it through her counseling, teachings or Feng Shui design. A healer of both "soul and space", she consciously strives towards assisting in the empowerment and vibrational growth of all people, especially the LightWorkers.  

She has had the great honor to follow her LightWorker mentor- Steve Rother and his channeled guides called "the group" (www.lightworker.com) and to also be part of his ever-growing family of LightWorkers around the world. For the past 20 years, she has assisted many individuals to raise their personal frequencies, stablize their emotional bodies and helped prepare 1000's of LightWorkers for the very successful Ascension Process of 12-12-12!


On Oct. 20, 2014 she had the great privilege of gathering in Scottsdale, Arizona with Steve Rother, The Group, Peggy Dubro, and others- in total a Congress of 110 LightWorkers from around the world to sign and put into the collective conscious the first and only "Declaration of Spirit Rights"! (Link to Document - Coming Soon!)

Human Design Personality Type: Reflector!

In addition, to being a very compassionate healer, Andie, based on her "Human Design" Chart is also referred to as a "Reflector". Only 1% of the world's population are Reflectors! This unique "human design" trait, has further enabled her to act as a clear guide for others, quickly seeing through the often many confusing layers of emotional, spiritual, energetic and environmental issues that create, then further cloud - our life related challenges. Andie holds up a "supportive mirror" for her clients, "reflecting" back to them another perspective on the crux of the matter. Along with her clients, she also develops a focused "plan of action" to help shift both the personal and environmental chi that is inadvertently exacerbating the circumstances of concern. For more info on Human Design System: (www.humandesignforsuccess.com)

"Andie came to us at a turning point in our lives.  We had been trying to have a child for ten years, and our lives seemed stagnant.  With her help, she cleared the energy in our home and helped us through the process of getting IVF treatments.  With her guidance, blessings, energy clearings and gentle analysis of my blockage, we were successful on our first try.  Andie's energy, spirit and love coupled with her immeasurable experience is second to none."

- Gene & Lisa & Isabella Giamarino, Miami, FLA