Sun-Moon Mirrors - Jewelry Collection

Wearable BTB Transcendental Cures Created by Diane Hoffmann
Sacred Feng Shui Transcendental Jewelry for
Energy Protection & Clearing Purposes

Sun-Moon Mirrors are very sacred objects and one of the most powerful BTB Feng Shui transcendental cures available! They were passed down from the late, His Holiness Professor Thomas Lin Yun Rinpoche to his students and disciples to be used for a myriad of applications, but especially for protection and to clear negative space and energies. 


The Sun-Moon Mirror Transcendental Jewelry Collection allows for a 5th Stage contemporary use of an ancient transcendental BTB cure. When you wear the jewelry, the Sun side faces out (unless otherwise instructed) protecting your energy field, as it deflects and transmutes all lower energies that you may come in contact with from people, places and things in your environment. It will also transmute challenging energy fields by sending light to any stressful situation such as dealing with difficult office staff, business meetings, legal proceedings, confrontations, family visits, home environments, traffic, funerals, hospital visits, or medical procedures. 


Wearing the jewelry is especially protective for Healers, Consultants, Therapists and all other Practitioners who work directly with clients!

Created According to Feng Shui BTB Specifications

Each Sun-Moon Mirror has been made according to BTB specifications. They have been repeatedly blessed with special BTB mantras and infused with a combination of 24 hours of Sunlight on one side and 24 hours of Moonlight on the other side (collected during auspicious periods of time).  The sunlight is only collected on days with beautifully clear, pristine skies and moonlight is only collected during specific Moon phases for the brightest, most powerful infusion of lunar energies. Because of this very selective process, it usually takes 4-5 months (or longer) to make one mirror! Along with Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice Energies, each series of mirrors occurs during different planetary alignments and rare astrological events which make the mirrors even more energetically powerful. As a final step to Spiritually - as well as Transcendentally - activate the mirrors, they are blessed with a series of mantras and a mixture of blessed Cinnabar powder is applied to the Sun side. (See Video- Andie using S/M Mirrors to Clear Student)


Diane has been the energetic/spiritual force behind creating Sun-Moon mirrors for  Students & Clients, Practitioners and International Feng Shui Businesses for the past 6 years. Combining her Sun-Moon Mirror expertise with Andie's design sense, the Sun-Moon Mirror Transcendental Jewelry Collection was developed!


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