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I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I am sorry

I HIGHLY recommend Andie SantoPietro’s Feng Shui services. With her consultation, guidance, and care, my life has completely turned around. I started off in a very confused and lost place in my life and I didn’t know where to turn. Upon my first consultation with Andie, I set very specific goals and in a little over a year, all of those goals have been obtained.


It was as if I hit a reset button on my life while feeling completely supported through the transition because I had a comfortable home that reflected my highest self. With her masterful intuition and skill, she was able to help me transform a tiny one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn to a comfortable, supportive, and expansive home where I could achieve all of my dreams for the first time in my life! I can’t thank her enough! 

                                  - Priya Ahuja, Licensed Acupuncturist  Brooklyn, NY


Diane's space clearing was exactly what I needed to help me through some major life decisions.  It helped me take the steps necessary to push through stagnant energy and ushered in a clear path.  After the space clearing my intuition started flowing again and my issues felt smaller.  I felt re-energized with a new found clarity.

I was especially impressed with Diane's intuition and unique space clearing skills as she was able to identify, then transmute any negative energies that were in my home.  She was especially adept in clearing the antiques in my home and transforming the energy around them! The rituals and blessings she performed throughout my space allowed me to regain a sense of inner peace and enlightenment. Diane's' space clearing was everything I needed, and went beyond any expectations that I had.

                                                                                 - Valerie Gullo  SI, NYC



It's not just the Feng Shui. Andie is a vessel of light through and through.  She is hands down the most transformative healer I've ever experienced and as a healer, I have experienced many- likely well over 100! She's sensational! I seriously cannot say enough phenomenal things about her! In one session, my whole life was transformed! All the the topics I brought to the table and asked for her support are healing, as well as numerous other unexpected miracles. She is the embodiment of love and light. I feel beyond blessed to have her in my life- you will, too!
                                     - Deganit Nuur, L.Ac. Nuurvana Healing Center NYC

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                          - With Thanks, Love & Gratitude,  Andie, Diane and Orin