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Greetings traveler, Intro from Andie about the auspicious items that are now on sale.  furniture page


Altar Cabinet - $1,500
Antique from India, original paint, 60_H x 51-1_2_W x 15-1_2_D
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Altar cabinet drawers open
Altar cabinet closeup
Altar Cabinet bottom
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Antique Table from Pakistan - $325
Original paint with spindles, 100 years old! 58_L x 28_W x 18_H
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Altar Table - front view
Altar Table top view
Altar table w sacred objects
(sacred objects not included in price)
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Altar Table - $30- from India

16_ x 16_ x 5_H

Tatami chairs_set of 4 and pillows
Tatami chairs stacked
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Tatami chairs set of 4 - $250

with seat cushions and pillows

Close up - Top Right Corner
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Antique Chinese Wooden Art- $450  - 7 panel, 38_H x 33-1_2_W
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Bed , not assembled
Bed - Footboard
Bed - Headboard closeup
Bed - sides_footboard, no hardware needed
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Bed - $450 - Queen, imported  from Vietnam, Sustainable Wood, Ideal Feng Shui

Bedspread Wall Hanging $275
Queen-sized Indian wall hanging, hand stitched designs
Bedspread closeup
Husband_Wife figures,
Bedspread closeup corner
107_L x 88_W
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Wool Rug from India - $85
Hand stitched wool rug from India, 4' x 6'.jpg
India Rug closeup
Rug - $50
Gold, light brown, copper - 64_L x 38_W
Rug $60
Reds_gold, 75_L x 48_W
Red rug closeup
Runner $35
Floral 2'W x 9'L _.jpg
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Mirror - $35
gold sunburst, 12_ x 12
Mirror w/red wood frame- $45
yellow gold piping, 27-1_2_H x 24_W
Two Mirrors - $150 each
Extra large - 36_ x 48_
Mirror Extra large closeup
Old Barn Shutter Mirror - $45
Silver _ burgundy Faux finish, 13_H x 45_W.jpg
Original barn shutter mirror - $55
Green, 55_L x 14_H
Gold wood frame mirror - $65
Palm leaf fabric, 20-1_2_ H x 48_W
Gold frame mirror w/ fabric closeup
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Lamps_Set of 2 - $175
Standing Monkey, 27_H x 22_W_
Lamps standing monkey closeup
Lamps_set of 2 - $175
Handbeaded Moroccan,17_H x 7_W
Lamp Moroccan closeu
Sitting Monkey Lamp - $60
26_ H x 11_ W
Shade option sitting monkey
Lamp siitting monkey closeup
Aladdin's lamp - 65
8-1_2_ H x 12_ W
Silk floor lamp -$60
64_H x 15_W
Lamp Silk Floor closeup
Chinese Lamps_Set of 5 - $125
Silk indoor hanging lamp w_hardware
Chinese Double Happiness Motif
1 large 12_W x 30_H, 2 med 10_W x 24_H, 1 small 7_w x 18
Lamps_Set of 2 - $200
Original Art Deco from 1930s, 10_ H x 4_ W
Art Deco Lamp closeup
Lamps_set of 2 - $175
Brazilian bamboo wall lamps,
38_H x 4-1_2_W.jpg
Bamboo Lamp back
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Norens, Windchimes and other hanging items

Noren Buddha $35
Japanese entranceway_doorway curtain, gold, cotton, 58_L x 32_W
Noren closeup gold
Noren Lotus $45
Japanese entranceway_doorway curtain, green linen, 60_L x 34_W
Noren closeup green
Curtain rods $60 pair
Hand carved wood from Indonesia, 36-1_2_W xz 3_H.jpg
Curtain rod closeup
Noren $25 on hanger
Single panel, linen 53-L x 17-W
Windchime $35
Woodstock, large Gong, 38_L x 14_W
Angel Wings $40
Hand carved, wooden, 30_W x 5-1_2_H
Angel Wings closeup
Cherubs $30 - set of 2
Hook for hanging, 9_H x 7_W.jpg
Cherubs closeup
Windchime $35
Heavy metal bell, 2'L x 5_W
Windchime Bell closeup
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Buddha Statues

Buddha $35 red wooden
Brazil Figures $35  pair
Hand carved, wooden, male_female, 6_L x 4-1_2_W
Buddha $40
Amber translucent, 9_H x 7_W
Buddha Amber Closeup
Tibetan Buddhas_Set of 5 $150
Activated_blessed with cinnabar, 5-1_2_H x 3_W.jpg
Buddha closeup
Altar Set $35
Buddha is 5_H x 3-1_2_W_ 2 candleholders are 3-1_2_H x 2-1_2_W_ 2 plates are 6
Altar Set closeup
Kuan Yin $30
7_H x 4_W
Indonesian Buddha $125
Metal, separate gold_red flame case, 15_H x 6_W
Buddha, Indonesian Back view
Buddhas $70 each_$120 for pair
Tibetan, lapis top, metal, hand up_down, 8-1_2_H x 5_W
Buddha metal hand down
Buddha metal hand up closeup
Altar Stand $30
Metal, 45_H x 7-1_2_W
Altar Stand showing display
(display items not included in price)
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Thanka Buddha's Life Story $85
Silk brocade Brown_Red border, hand painted, 29_H x 19_
Thanka Buddha's Life closeup
Medicine Buddha from birth to death
Thanka Mandalas $45
Silk brocade brown_red border, 23_H X 15-1_2_W
Thanka Mandalas closeup2
Tibetan Thanka Green Tara $150
Silk brocade, deep olive border, hand painted, large, 33_H x 21_W
Thanka Tara closeup.jpg
Tara sitting in a lotus at the top of a tree
Thanka $250 from Nepal, hand painted
Vivid color, blue_green_gold silk brocade border, excellent condition, Xlarge, 48_H x 33_W
Thanka blue closeup2
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Tibetan "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum Banners

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum Banners
OM Closeup
OM Closeup
OM Closeup3
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Assorted sizes: Horizontal 39_L x 22_H_ $35, Small horizontal 29_W x 7_H_ $25, Vertical 38_L x 11_W_$25

Sacred Door and Window Covers and Objects

Sacred Door_Window Valence $135
From India, 3 panels sewn together
Sacred Door Valence 3 Panel Red closeup
Each panel 39_W x 14_H
Sacred Door Valence 3 Panel Tan Closeup
Tibetan Prayer Flags $35
5 Elements, extra large
Prayer flag closeup
Prayer flag closeup2
Parasols Set 3 -  $175
Indonesian, assorted lengths 3' _ 4'
Parasol Inside2
Parasol inside closeup
Foo Dogs (pair) - $85
Chinese Protection
Foo Dog closeup
18_L x 8-1_2_ W x 17_H
Foo Dog 2
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Crystals and Other Spiritual Objects for Altar

Crystals $350 collection
Crystals closeup
Crystal Lamp $45
Golden calcite, 6-1_2_H x 4-1_2_W
Crystal Lamp $100
Clear quartz, 11_H x5_W
Crystal Lamp $45
Rose quartz, 7_H x 4_W
Rose Quartz Lamp
Included in collection - rose quartz lamp, 7_H x 4_W
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Crystal Collection $450

Collection Includes: Clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, green adventurine, cyanite and malochite crystals

plus smokey quartz, golden calcite and rose quartz lamps.

Dorje_Set of 2 -$150
very large, 13_W x 3-1_2_H
Dorje Closeup
Dorjee closeup2
Altar Cloth $75
Size- 5' x 3
Altar Cloth closeup
Altar Cloth closeup2
Meditation pillows_set of 2 - $35
Crystals inside, 27_ x 27
Meditation Pillow single
Boxes - $45 set of 2
Sanskrit gold calligraphy from India, large triangle 10_ x 10
Tray $22 -   wood from India
Tray closeup
Tray closeup2
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Miscellaneous - Candleholders, Vases and More

Copper Set $65
- Vase 14_H x 4_W, Candleholders 18_H and 14-1_2_H, Tray
Copper Candleholders Closeup
Copper Candleholders
Copper Vase
Candleholder $20
W_matching candle, ivory_brown colors, 12_H
Candleholder closeup ivory color
Doll by Rustie $399
Cameo is 40_ tall. Limited Edition with Certificat of Authenticity in original box. Only 1,000 worldwide
Doll by Rustie closeup.jpg
Fish Sculptures_set of 2 - $100
Antique, handcarved from Hawaii w_jewels, 17_L x 9_H
Fish jewels closeup
Fish Bottom
Renaissance Wall Art $30
14_L x 10_W.jpg
Renaissance closeup
Renaissance back
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Fiestaware Collection -$350

Fiestaware Collection
Original w_Harlequin _ Hall
Fiestaware closeup
Fiestaware closeup2
Fiestaware original stamp
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Fiestaware collection - $350

Original Fiestaware, w_Harlequin _ Hall collection

Massage Table

Massage Table $200
EarthLite portable w_headrest, carry case 29
Massage table headrest
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