Feng Shui Business & Office Consulting

Advanced Transcendental Knowledge for the Spiritually
Evolved Entrepreneur, Business Owner, CEO & Employee! 


When we place the "highest good of all" first...

$uccess and money always follows! 


Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum

I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I am sorry.

Are you a "Conscious Business Owner" ?

Many spiritually advanced individuals are quickly rising up in the business world, stepping into significant leadership positions such as CEO's, CFO's, VP's, Office Managers, Supervisors and the all important "critical thinkers".  Others are choosing to go into business for themselves, creating an ever-growing community of "conscious-minded business owners".  Either working for a company or for themselves, they all have made a personal commitment on some level to approach success and making money from a more spiritually based business paradigm.


As our personal belief systems begin to shift and expand, so does the way we are also choosing to run our businesses, make financial investments and create profitability. 

Savvy CBO's know that the time has come when one can no longer separate "who they are" from their vision of "what they would like to create in their lives". Learning how to

consciously bridge the gap between those two crucial aspects of self will be a critical marker going forward in deciding which businesses obtain, then are able to maintain, success in this new time on the planet!


CBO's are "lightworkers" called to re-define "success" by creating businesses that are grown from a place of inspiration (not fear), from a belief in universal abundance (not scarcity), and built on a foundation that considers the greater whole (employees, the environment, bottom line), not just the individual or the company's objectives! Consciously creating prosperity that serves the highest good of all, while positively impacting the company's overall "vibrational footprint" on the environment, economy, individuals, and the world at large are the new cornerstones of 5D businesses!

What can a Feng Shui Business Consultation help with?

1- Business Related Challenges- Financial concerns, decrease in revenue, creativity blocks, low office morale, high staff turnovers, fluctuating stress levels, unclear business plans, employee/management conflicts, inability to focus, partner disputes, etc.


2- Finding the Perfect Office Space or Building - Location, Location, Feng Shui!!! 

The sooner a company (or it's employee) brings a Feng Shui Assessment into the moving process, the potential for the business to be successful increases greatly! If applicable, the client will often present to Andie a few potential locations for their business, various floor plans layouts or office design options for consideration before they decide on the right one! Together with her clients, Andie reviews, then helps eliminate the locations and layouts that, from a Feng Shui perspective, can be problematic for the business in question. Variables such as location, affordability, function, as well as aesthetics are also factored into the decision. Even for locations that already have problematic designs, Andie can apply Feng Shui Adjustments and Transcendental Cures to offset most concerns!    


3- New Construction or Spatial Redesigns- When a business becomes successful or begins to grow, it's not uncommon for that company to begin thinking about either relocating or doing some new construction to add more offices and employees. Quite often, businesses don't realize that the current location or office layout, from a Feng Shui perspective, was a major contributing factor to their initial spurt of success. If the next office space or new design layout doesn't replicate or at least build on prior flow of "chi" that originally contributed to its' success, that business can find itself challenged by issues that weren't present in the prior location or design, including their finances. Andie works with Business Owners, Interior Designers, and Architects to help get the business energetically aligned and in a conducive flow to meet their needs and support their objectives!  

What are some of the design factors that are assessed?

Through the use of Feng Shui design principles, Andie has assisted many companies to create atmospheres which "energetically" support and encourage their employees to be the most productive, creative, focused and happy they can be!  A Feng Shui Consultation for your Business or Office (even your Cubicle!) assesses everything from the different responsibilities and personalities of your various employees, their desk positions, management office locations, and conference rooms to storage areas, business logos, lighting, color, clutter, original architectural design, locations of bathrooms and cash registers, front door placement, EMF generated from the computers/electronics and the overall floor plan layout, etc.  


All these factors can significantly contribute to employee stress levels, fatigue, inability to focus, irritability, low morale, high turnover, and loss of revenue from employee related sickness by creating energy patterns that are stagnant, compromised and ultimately debilitating to staff, management and the company's bottom line! To re-route the problematic energy patterns, Andie applies various adjustment items such as mirrors, crystals and plants. She also makes suggestions regarding reorganization and spatial planning and works with administration and staff to shift old belief systems regarding business, finances and abundance that no longer apply in today's new 5D world!

A Feng Shui Consultation can benefit all types of Businesses!

5D Feng Shui "business consulting" not only provides the Feng Shui assessment of the business, offices, and surrounding land, but it also educates business owners and their employees on how to approach profit and prosperity via shifting of old paradigms and unconscious patterns of limitation. Andie has applied Feng Shui design principles, counseled business owners and key management staff, and worked with designers and architects in designing office spaces and building layouts for all types of businesses... Spa's, Salon's, Clothing Shops, Restaurants, Healing & Acupuncture Centers, Non-Profit Organizations, etc. Some of her corporate clients have included Piaget, CyberStaff, Girlie Action Media PR, Hay House, Wamsutter, Viacom, and Bloomberg Radio.    

When we place the "highest good of all" first...

$uccess and money always follows! 


Many conscious-minded "movers and shakers" have come to understand the importance of knowing from a universal point of view that everyone and everything is interconnected - from the head of the company, all the way down to the employee who answers the phones or cleans the office.  Energy not only trickles downward but, energy also expands upward! By leading with the "greatest good", success will always follow. Understanding and applying this new energy paradigm is quickly becoming the cornerstone of all "enlightened" business models of today. Having a Feng Shui Business/Work/Office Consultation is an important first step towards becoming, and then remaining, a profitable and successful entity for years to come! 

Consultation Fees

Fees vary for On-Site, Phone or Skype Consultations and will depend on the size of your home or business and if additional services such as Space Clearing and/or Travel fees apply. We accept checks, debit and most credit cards! Call the office or email us for an estimate.  AndieSantoPietro@gmail.com   1-347-452-3667 NY

Andie SantoPietro's Feng Shui work is an asset to any business! She has elevated the healing and calm in our Physical Therapy & Wellness space in an unprecedented way. Everyone who walks through our doors comments on the amazing energy and wonder they feel when they are here. Not only do we feel her work has been integral to our success, but we feel honored to have worked with such a talented and vibrant professional.

     - Patricia Ladis, PT, Co-Founder, KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness