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All about Classes:

Andie's warm, inviting style of teaching has allowed her to teach very esoteric material in a clear, fun and user-friendly way. She has taught in nine different countries around the world bringing humor and compassion to all of her lectures and presentations.


Andie has been teaching "cutting edge" classes internationally for over 25 years! Her many life-changing topics include: Feng Shui Design, The Ascension Process, 3D-5D Dimensional Living, Frequency Shifts, Vibrational Healing, Soul Contracts, Psycho-Spiritual Transformations, The Chakra Energy System, Lemuria & Atlantis Revisited, Who Heals the Healers? and... On Becoming the New 5D Human!


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"I have studied with Andie for the past 11 years that she has been coming to Brazil to teach her courses. She is a great teacher, a special human being and I consider her to be a true friend. The way she teaches is so clear for she explains complex and deeply profound subjects in such a simple way that it makes us think a lot about life and so many other things too. Personally, her courses were very touching and made me think a lot about my purpose in life and its real meaning. I call her "Master",  but maybe the right word should be GURU since we have such a strong heart connection. She is the kind of person who can understand you by looking throught your eyes and seeing right through to your soul. Sometimes no words are necessary, especially when you speak a different language.                                                                                  

                                                                 Silvia Alonso-Baptista, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Andie's On-Site Classes - 2016!
                             Fall- 2016 TBA

Beyond Happiness: Navigating a 5d Life in the Current 3d World!

Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015 - 10:00-5:00 - Tournesol Wellness, NYC, NY

The rules have changed, perceptions have shifted and..there is no 5d human manual!   In 5d, happiness is based on our perceptions combined with our willingness to take 100% responsibility for our choices! Everything has to be revisited, especially our prior 3d understanding and definition of what happiness is. Without a redefinition, we will continue to feel disappointed, discouraged and somewhat directionless.

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Beyond Lemuria & Atlantis: Reconnecting With Your 11 Selves!  Part 2 - No prerequisite needed! Open to All!

Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015 - NYC NY  

Part 2 is a continuation of the class contents above. More information about 5D living and additional meditations exploring past lives in Lemuria & Atlantis, as well as exercises re-connecting you to your other "helpful" 11 Selves! Same location/details. Open to all!

Part 1- is not needed as a pre-requisite. 

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Feng Shui: Health, Wealth & Relationships in The Year of the Sheep 2015! 

Sunday Feb. 22, 2015  10AM- 5PM
Sacred Om Yoga Center  Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ 
Penn Station NYC/ NJ Transit- Takes you 3 bks from Center!!!  

In this one day workshop you will learn how to do a basic Feng Shui assessment for your home based on Andie's 20 years of experience as one of the leading experts in Feng Shui Design! Get the Year of the Sheep off to a great start with transcendental cures to help balance your Health, Finances and Relationships! 

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Beyond Lemuria & Atlantis: The Communion of The Reunion!

 Part 3- No prerequisite needed! Open to All!

 Sunday March 22nd, 2015 - NYC, NY 


Part 3 is a continuation of the class contents above. More information about 5D living and additional meditations exploring past lives in Lemuria & Atlantis, as well as exercises re-connecting you to your other "helpful" 11 Selves! Same location/details. Open to all!

Part 1 or 2- is not needed as a prerequisite. 

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 Happy Chinese New Year 2016!
Feng Shui Tele-Seminar: The Year of The Fire Monkey! 
Sunday, Jan. 31 - 1:00-2:30pm EST * 10:00-11:30M PST
Not available for listed times? Seminar will be recorded!
The upcoming "Year of the Fire Monkey" will be an ideal time for you and your life to take a quantum leap forward as the Fire Monkey is here to help shake things up and create some serious changes! The Monkey is known to be very clever and quick to act - so it will be very important for you to be up on your toes (read: super awake) in order to keep up with its fiery energy! No surprise that this Monkey year also coincides with the 9 year in numerology! In BTB Feng Shui, the number 9 is the strongest of all the "Yang" numbers, auspicious and connotes completion, thus guaranteeing that 2016 will be a time of letting go, great transformation and change of epic proportions!
Don't Monkey around...get a head start on the Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 (Feb. 8) with Andie SantoPietro - Feng Shui Expert and 5d forward thinker and view the year up ahead from a higher perspective, empowered, willing to shift your thinking and implement the transcendental Feng Shui Cures that will energetically help support your new trajectory! Expect a shift in consciousness!
Inspirational Support, Feng Shui Transcendental Cures and Q&A's!!
Seminar is on the phone or online. Cost $45.
Send us an email (andiesantopietro@gmail.com) to hold your space.
Sign up NOW below! Any questions, please contact Diane @609-799-0152.




Purchase Options

Pay by Check/Mail with *9 Red Envelopes w/$1.00 in each plus check for $45.00
Once payment is received - we will then email you the phone number/code to connect to the teleseminar on January 31.
Pay On-Line with PayPal or credit card: $45.00 with *9 "Virtual" Red Envelopes ($12.00) = $57.00 
Once payment is received - we will then email you the phone number/code to connect to the teleseminar on January 31.


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Coming Soon!!!! "Soul Talk "tm TeleSeminar Series!

Can't make it to class? Does it feel like you are going through your Ascension process alone? Confused about what's happening on the planet and how its effecting your life???

Join her world-wide community of like-minded souls!

A series of one-hour monthly tele-seminars addressing 3D-5D Living, Navigating Through the Shifts, Self Care in this New World, Soul Contracts, Relationship Challenges, the New Abundance Frequency, Feng Shui, Past Lives, Ho'oponopono and more...    

Keep a lookout... Andie's exciting on-line talks coming 2016! 

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