Calling all Angels...Lightworkers needed to counsel the newly awakened 3d population and assist them in their evolutionary transition "over the bridge" from 3d living into 5d consciousness!  No prior experience necessary, just a heartfelt calling to serve as a 5d gatekeeper.              "Inquire Within" -   Andie SantoPietro 



What is 5D?


5d or "5th Dimension" is an acronym used to describe a higher level of awareness that was created by a collective rise in mass consciousness culminating at the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. After a 26,000 year cycle of humans living life from a 3d perspective, the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2015 will mark our long awaited entry into 5d life and consciousness. From that point on..we will all have full access (if we choose) to step into a whole new level of awareness and how we perceive life.


Our physical bodies will now be able to bring in more of our "god light", our mental bodies will be able to more easily shift our outdated belief systems, and our emotional bodies will be able to let go of our "old limiting stories" with love, gratitude & compassion!  All these powerful, unprecedented changes will give way to a new awareness in how we see ourselves and humanity - as we expand into our new physical, spiritual and emotional capabilities as a "new world" 5d human. 



What's your Ministry?
Interested in becoming trained as a Feng Shui Consultantlearning how to prescribe Bach Flower Remedies or utilizing Sound Therapy to assist others? Are you a licensed Acupuncturist, Physical/MassageTherapist, Nurse or Doctor? An Energy Healer, Astrologist, Counselor or someone in a helping profession? Do you work as stay-at-home Mom, Real Estate Broker, Financial Advisor, Restaurant Server or Bartender? Maybe you are an Unemployed LightWorker or have a career in some other totally unrelated field? 
Sounds just might have the perfect "spiritual resume" for the job!!!


It's not just the healers or helping professionals getting the "call"!

As we begin to move more quickly into a 5d world, many different types of professionals are slowly "waking up"  feeling "called" to assist, guide and support others as they begin their transition from a 3d world into a new 5d life!  Some 5d Consultants may choose to become a full time Counselor, while others will be guided to incorporate these new teachings and skill sets directly into their current line of work. It no longer matters "where", "how" or in "what" capacity that you choose to do your 5d counseling work...what matters only is that you feel called to serve as a 5d gatekeeper!


Your assistance will be needed... as many people will go through massive transformations!

As belief systems begin to shift - life, work, relationships, finances, physical health, etc.- will

all begin to reconfigure themselves. As an individual's level of consciousness increases, proportionately, they will begin to experience incremental and fundamental changes in their beliefs, values and personal understanding of how the world works. Without being able to articulate or fully grasp what is happening to their lives, it's common for many to experience these changes as fear of the unknown, confusion, and at times, despair.  Although initially, many of these individuals might find their way to you for other types of mundane services, over time you will recognize that on a "soul level" they have also come to you for assistance in helping them make sense of all that is happening around them. This ever-growing population of newly awakened 3d individuals will become the ministry that you are called to work with.



We take "Care of our Own!"  

We are fully aware, as you train to assist others, that you too will be going through your own personal shifts and 5d conundrums. During your own expansion process, it's very comforting to be a part of a larger community of like-minded people who are also going through the same transition as you. It not only reduces stress and fears, but the common feeling of isolation.The Mentorship aspect of the program was designed -not only to help you with floor plans and client-related issues, but to support and nurture your own 5d experience.

We encourage you to integrate your new teachings into all of your prior trainings, career choices and spiritual practices and to develop a fresh, new ecclectic approach to assisting and supporting the people in your new 5d ministry. 

The Golden Bridge: 5d Consultant Training- Program Overview


Faculty: Instructors, Supervisors & 5d Guides 
  • Andie SantoPietro - 5d Principles/Feng Shui/Ho'oponopono/Flower Essences
  • Diane Hoffmann - Feng Shui Supervision & Mentorship

  • Orin SantoPietro - 5d Guide Dog - Space Clearing
  • Greer Jonas - 5d Numerology - Clients, Numbers & Consultations
Program Format:
  • Primary Disciplines- 5d, BTB Feng Shui, Ho'oponopono & Bach Flower Essences
  • 6 Months/6 Weekends- Saturday/Sunday 10:00AM-5:30PM
  • 9 Hours of Private Mentoring - (7) 1 hour & (4) 30 min.  
  • 12 Practice Consultations - (Individual & Group) 
  • 5d Consultant - "First Responders" 5d Certificate
  • Flower Essences & Remedies - Introduction
  • 5d BTB Feng Shui Consultant - Golden Bridge FS Certification 
Program Curriculum:
  • Weekend 1- April 18 &19 - 5d Overview/BTB Feng Shui/Flower Essences
  • Weekend 2- May 16 & 17 - 5d BTB Feng Shui/Ho'oponopono/Flower Essences
  • Weekend 3- June 13 & 14 - 5d BTB Feng Shui/Ho-oponopono/Flower Essences 
  • Weekend 4- July 18 & 19 - 5d BTB Feng Shui/Flower Essences
  • Weekend 5- August 22 & 23 - 5d BTB Feng Shui/Numerology
  • Weekend 6- September 19 & 20 -Advanced 5d BTB Feng Shui Consulting
  • Graduation- Date TBD - The Golden Bridge 5d Consultant Training Program     


Program Details:

  • Weekend 1: Call for new dates!

  • Day/Time: Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM- 5:30PM  

  • Location: New York City

  • Registration: Space Limited...Call Today!

  • Information: Diane at or 1-609-799-0152

  • Tuition: $6000*  50% due at registration ($3000) - balance in monthly payments 

  • Payment Plans Available- Call for more information.

  • Materials Fee: TBD

  • *The Accelerated Pathth FS Training Program -Graduate Discount!  

      Espavo - Lemurian term for- Thank you for taking your power!

I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.


                     "The Golden Bridge" 

             5d Consultant Training Programtm

                 With Andie SantoPietro & Associates

Diane Hoffmann

         Greer Jonas

      Andie SantoPietro


Orin SantoPietro

Andie & Orin