There's No Place Like "Om"! of a kind collectibles that puts the "om" back in Home! 

Andie's Moving Sale!

Exotic Furniture

First Dibs....and Lots of Gratitude!


We are moving and closing our "Om" Furniture On-line Shop.

As a "BIG thank you" to our clients and friends we are offering a few of my favorite pieces at a discounted price. I hand picked most of these myself and...

they all have been blessed, activated and cleared for their new "Om"er! :-)

More than one piece calling to you? Let's Bundle!  Furniture Located NYC Area


   Please feel free to forward this offer to all of the really cool people you know! 

"Stay Healthy, Grounded and Trust In the Divine Order"

Large Quartz Crystals

Cleared, Blessed & Activated  by Andie! 2-3 lbs. each!


Amethyst Quartz Cluster

 Beautiful Points!(self standing)  

8"H x 4 1/2"W   (3 1/2 lbs.)

  Sale: $125!


Adventurine Quartz 

 7"W x 5"H x 2"D  3lbs.

 Sale: $

Amethyst in Stand.jpg

 Amethyst Cluster Points

(deep purple) w/Stand

5"H x 4" W  2 lbs.

 Sale: $!!!


   Jewerly/Soap/Candle      2 Images/Same Item

Clear Quartz Cluster

5"W x 4"L x 3"H  2lbs.

Sale:   !!!

     Triple Relationship               Adjustment!!!  

Exquisite Antique Cabinet from India!!!

Hand Painted-Beaded Embossed Paint on Husband & Wife Details  

Cabinet Towels.jpg

3 Drawers; Storage Space on Left with Door

59" Long x 28" Wide x 16" High

$1,850  Sale: $1,500

Door Detail.jpg
Cabinet Right Side.jpg
Bottom Detail.jpg
Cabinet Accessories Drawers Open.jpg
Cabinet Left Side.jpg
Leg Detail.jpg
close up of red cabinet.jpg

Korean Medicine Cabinet w/Hand Carved Calligraphy

cabinet with doors open.jpg
door to korean medical cabinet.jpg
medical cabinet other draw.jpg
cabinet drawer.jpg

30" High x 26" Wide

     27 Drawers                 Sale: $150!!! 

27 Drawers w/ Calligraphy Depicting Chinese Elements, Medicines & Herbs 

 Shelf at Bottom Closes w/ Old Brass Asian Fish Lock 

John of God Crystals!!

Blessed on Personal Visit in Brazil


John of God4.jpg


Four Clear Crystals

Displayed on Light Boxe

$     Each (includes Light Box)

John of God8.jpg
John of God9.jpg
John of God5.jpg
John of God1.jpg