Diane Hoffmann - Senior Consultant

Feng Shui - Space Clearing - Sun-Moon Mirror Jewelry Designer

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About Diane...

In the year 2000, Diane moved from Dallas,Texas to NYC to begin mentoring with Andie after graduating from The Accelerated Path Psycho-Spiritual Feng Shui Consultant Training Programth.

Within a year's time she became the Co-Director of The Accelerated Path's International Training Program.  As her Senior Associate and business partner, Diane has acted as Andie's right hand (Andie's left- handed) becoming the backbone of their company. Often working quietly behind the scenes assisting Andie and other LightWorkers with their soul's work, Diane also provides Feng Shui Consultations for homes, offices, and businesses!

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Feng Shui Consultant & Space Clearing Expert

After 14 years of providing Feng Shui Consultations, she still continues to study the art and expand on her expertise - including working side-by-side with Andie in over 100 consultations globally!  As a BTB Feng Shui Consultant, this has given her a coveted opportunity to gain years of experience with an Expert as she continues to collaborate and work with Andie, her dear friend of many lifetimes!


Her skills, grounded energy and peaceful demeanor have reassured, comforted and helped clients change their lives, as well as create environments that are conducive to peace, prosperity and the manifestation of all things positive and of the light!

Affectionately known by Andie and many of her numerous clients as... the "cleaning lady", she is frequently called upon for her Space Clearing acumen to clear homes, offices, businesses, as well as the clients personal energy fields of any stagnant, negative or lower vibrational energies.


Diane uses a variety of sacred "cleaning tools" in her Space Clearing sessions ranging from the American Indian tradition of burning Sage and other herbs, to many of the traditional BTB Feng Shui Transcendental Cures such as the use of Sun- Moon Mirrors and the Red "Cinnabar" Rice rituals. 

For over ten years, I have looked to Diane as a teacher, mentor and friend. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate and effective healer. Her work is so spot on, I feel comfortable referring my own clients to her!

Catherine Dow, Homeopathic Pharmacist &

Feng Shui Consultant Bryn Mawr, PA

Sun-Moon Mirrors/Jewelry Designer


Sun-Moon Mirrors - For the past 7 years, Diane has made all of the Sun-Moon Mirrors used in Transcendental Space Clearing. It can take up to four-five months to properly cultivate and develop. Many Feng Shui Colleagues, Feng Shui product websites, international vendors, as well as clients, turn to Diane to purchase these BTB Transendental Objects with the confidence of knowing that they were prepared exactly in the manor that students of the late H.H GrandMaster Lin Yun Rinpoche were taught by him.


As a powerful energy conduit of the Sun and Moon energies, she and Andie were both guided to design a smaller version of this Sun-Moon energy clearing mirror for others to wear or carry for protection from lower, dark or negative energies. Her creations have now expanded into a line of very beautiful, but powerful Sun-Moon Mirror Jewelry Diane also makes all of their signature Feng Shui Hanging Crystals which are designed with 9'' of Red Siam, Bi-Cone Crystals instead of the usual traditionally plain red string, Crystal Bracelets and Rings and other Jewelry in The Heart Shop. Check it out!. 

Trained by The Masters

Diane is a former student and fourteen year disciple of the late H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche, Spiritual Leader of the BTB School of Feng Shui Principles.

For the past 15 years, she has extensively trained in Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Intuition Development, Tuning Forks, Sound & Color Healing, 5D Consciousness, The Acension Process, Chakra's and Reiki. Diane has also studied with Denise Linn, Peggy Dubro, Panache Desai, R.D.Chin, Nancy Rosanoff, Lillian Garnier, David Hulse, Heather Harder, Jodi Serota & MJ Sawyer. 


LightWorker-  5D-Human Angel

A graduate of Steve Rother & the Group'sLightMaster Programtm   Levels 1, 2 & the Integration Series, Diane has trained in Light Grounding, Energy Expansion, Harmonics, Magnetics, Rhythm, Discernment, Responsibility and Re-activation of the Creator Being, etc, and is an elite member of the program's "Special Team". This unique group of LightMasters work together on energetically transmuting larger planetary issues such as War, Violence, Viruses, Hunger and other global concerns. For the past 10 years, she has followed Steve & the Group's teachings and has trained in many other of their 5D LightWorker courses. As a LightWorker, she is here on the planet to assist not only others, but in the healing of the planet itself during this major transitional time of Ascension.

Contact Diane

Diane is available for On-Site & Phone Feng Shui Consultations & Space Clearing Services. 

Check out her Feng Shui Products & Jewelry in The Heart Shop! 

She is based in NY and also travels throughout NJ, PA & CT! 

NY Office: 347-452-3667 


Email: Diane@AndieSantoPietro.com