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Exotic Furniture & Spiritual Items


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Special items have been personally hand-picked by Andie over the past 25 years, many during her travels while teaching and consulting around the world as a BTB FS Expert. They all have been blessed, activated and energetically cleared.

Antique Altar Cabinet from India

Altar Cabinet bottom.jpg

Altar Legs


3 Drawers; Storage Space on Left with Door

59" Long x 28" Wide x 16" High

$1,850  Sale: $1,600

close up of red cabinet.jpg
red altar 3.jpg

Antique Wooden Coffee Table -Pakistan

new Pakistani table and couch.jpg
new side of pakistani table.jpg

Hand Made/Original Paint! 42 Working Spindles! 59" Long x 28" Wide x 16" High

$600  Sale: $450!!!

new pakistani table 4.jpg
new pakistani table 2.jpg

Vintage Hindu "Marriage Cabinet"- India

Hand Painted-Beaded Embossed Paint on Husband & Wife Details  

Other 4.jpg
other view of marriage cabinet.jpg

60" Tall x 15" Deep x 52" Wide

$525   Sale: $400!!!

other 2.jpg

Korean Medicine Cabinet w/Hand Carved Calligraphy

cabinet with doors open.jpg
door to korean medical cabinet.jpg
medical cabinet other draw.jpg
cabinet drawer.jpg

30" High x 26" Wide x 9" Deep

        $475                            Sale: $350!!! 

27 Drawers w/ Calligraphy Depicting Chinese Elements, Medicines & Herbs 

 Shelf at Bottom Closes w/ Old Brass Asian Fish Lock 

Antique Dresser w/Inlayed Wood


52" Tall x 16" Deep x 34" Wide

$375    Sale: $300!!! 

draw open on dresser.jpg
leg of dresser.jpg
close up of dresser.jpg
side of dresser.jpg

Old Vintage Cabinet-Mexico

Hand Rubbed/Original Paint  & Hardware

Dresser 2.jpg
close up of grey cabinet.jpg

1/2  Glass Door; Shelf;

Wooden Lip Trim on Top

grey cabinet.jpg

37" High x 14" Deep x 32" Wide

$375   Sale: $325!!!

gray cabinet with door open.jpg

Heart Sutra with Gold Frame ( Blessed & Signed 1997!)

Original Water Color Print By Artist & Calligrapher  Catherine Yi-Yu Cho Woo

Catherine Choo Woo.jpg

Heart Sutra Calligraphy in Gold Paint   31" Tall x 31" Wide  $150  Sale: $100!!!


Set of Lounging Buddha Lamps

21" Tall X 6" Deep x 16" Wide

$250  Sale: $150!!!

buddha 3.jpg
standing ganesh 2.jpg

Standing Ganesh (1)

Brass & Copper

12" Tall x 6" Wide

$150  Sale: $75!!!

Ganesh & Buddha Deities

Blessed & Activated 

Buddha 2.jpg
Ganesh one.jpg

Sitting Ganesh

Bronze w/Gold Detail

10" Tall x 8'' Wide 

$185  Sale: $125!!!

standing ganesh 1.jpg

Standing Ganesh (2)


12" x 6" Wide

$150  Sale: $75!!!