Gong Xi Fa Cai... Important Info Little Piglets- Please Read!
2019The Year ...When Pigs Fly?
You are registered for Andie's Tele-Seminar:
                Wed. Jan 23rd 2019: 7:00-8:30pm EST (4:00-5:30pm PST)
***Lecture will be recorded- if you can't make the scheduled time!***
      You will be receiving a Call-In Number & Online Link from "Free Conference"
shortly... Please reply "Attending" if you plan to be on the live call. 
If you will not be on the live call, no worries!  Everyone who signed up for the
seminar will be sent a (1) Link to the Seminar Recording & (2) The Special
Discount Promotion for Feng Shui Consults, Private Sessions & Website Products!  
Any questions? Email:  DHoffmann369@gmail.com
Thanks, Diane & Andie