I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I am sorry

 Welcome to the next BIG shift:
From LightWorker to Light-Emissary!
  One Day Class: Sun. May 15, 10:00am-5:00pm, NYC - ($199)
                                    w/Andie SantoPietro                                                  
       And...here we go again. Add Soap, Wash, Spin, Dry, Repeat...  :-(
Life as we know it is seriously beginning to shift, with the influx of energies flailing around, turning many things first - inside out, then upside down in what is rapidly becoming a very interesting Fire Monkey year indeed! You don't
have to look far to witness all the churning of unprecedented world events, uber crazy political theatre, as well as the massive shift of sands under your 
very own feet! The planet appears to be in a constant, unpredictable state of chaos - making for a very uneasy (read: crazy) day-to-day existence for most of us!  
                          Five Planets go Retrograde: Sling- Shot Anyone?
In May, 5 planets will be retrograde and some for up to several months! This creates an uncanny opportunity allowing us to take one last hard look over all the aspects of our prior 3d lives, as we become "human sling shots"-  getting
pulled all-the-way-back only to be released just in time for the official arrival of summer at the end of June. This upcoming stolstice will usher in some of the biggest planetary shifts that we have seen since the Ascension process of December 2012!!!  
Although this upcoming period will serve to bring up the remaining remnants of all of our outdated fears and beliefs systems for clearing and release - it is still very unsettling and frightening to go through it alone or at least without an understanding of what is happening - as we are rapidly raising our Human Frequency to a 5d Level of Consciousness and Light.
Come join us for a day of Sharing, 5d Updates, Frequency Adjustments & Light-Code Meditations. Through coloring and sound inspiration we will create simple art drawings to connect our Expanded Hearts & LightBodies to the New 5d Grid!  No Art Experience Necessary.  
Spaces are filling up quickly...email us to hold your place!  
Email andiesantopietro@gmail.com or contact Diane at 609-799-0152.

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