Feng Shui : Har"money" vs Dis-har"money":

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As we evolve spiritually, so does our consciousness, as well as our understanding about everything around us. We can no longer separate our personal beliefs from professional work. We are realizing that many things we have learned about making money has come from a prior paradigm, where we witnessed the energy of money enmeshed with the abuse of power and/or greed. Inadvertently, money got a "bad rap" and in an effort not to associate ourselves with those negative connotations, many people, energetically "cut off" from the frequency money and how to acquire it. As conscious beings we now know that money is only another form of energy. 


In the new "world" consciousness that we are all living in now it's important for us to go back and revisit our beliefs about money and then work with our energy system to disband old ideas and shift the energy patterns that are connected to the old beliefs and judgments so we can better receive, what is our natural birthright of Abundance!

By employing vibrations "tools" that are now readily available to us such as Feng Shui Design- you can utilize your environment be it your home office or business to jump start the beginning of you making changes to your current relationship with money and all the good that it has to offer!  

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