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                              "The Golden Bridge" 

                      5d Consultant Training Programtm

                     With Andie SantoPietro, Diane Hoffmann,

                                   David Hulse, Greer Jonas & Orin     

 Calling all Angels...Lightworkers needed to counsel the newly awakened 3d population and assist them in their evolutionary transition "over the bridge" from 3d living into 5d consciousness!  No prior experience necessary, just a heartfelt calling to serve as a 5d gatekeeper.            "Inquire Within"  -   Andie SantoPietro 
5d Living - Your assistance will be needed... as many people will go through massive transformations!

5d or "5th Dimension" is an acronym used to describe a higher level of consciousness and a very transformational time on the planet that was created by a collective rise in mass consciousness culminating at the end of the Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21, 2012. 

Are you a licensed Acupuncturist, Physical/MassageTherapist, Nurse or Doctor? Energy Healer, Astrologer, Counselor or someone in the helping profession?

Maybe you are a stay-at-home Mom? Real Estate Agent? Financial Advisor? Or maybe you are an Unemployed LightWorker or work in some other totally unrelated field

You just might have the perfect "spiritual resume" for the job!!!

It's not just the healers or helping professionals anymore! As we begin to move more quickly into a 5d world, many different types of professionals are slowly "waking up" 

and finding themselves being "called" to help guide and support others as they begin their transition from a 3d world into a new 5d life!

Program Overview: Train in 5d BTB Feng Shui Consulting, 5d Principles, Flower Essences, Ho'oponopono Teachings, Sound Healing & Numerology!   

  • 3 Primary Disciplines - 5d Principles, BTB Feng Shui, Ho'oponopono Teachings
  • 6 Weekends/6 Months beginning - New Dates To Be Announced - NYC!
  • 9 Hours of Private Mentoring - (7) 1 hour & (4) 30 min. Sessions 
  • 12 Practice Consultations - (Individual & Group) 
  • 5d Consultant Training- "5d-First Responders" Certificate
  • Solfeggio Tuning Forks Training - Level 1 Certificate
  • Flower Essences & Remedies Training - Level 1 Introduction
  • 5d BTB Feng Shui Consultant Training Certification
  • For Beginners or Feng Shui Consultants Seeking Advanced 5d Training!


Register Now!!! Space is limited. Call for new dates - NYC! 

Contact Diane:  DHoffmann369@gmail.com or call 609-750-8502

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