There's No Place Like "Om"! of a kind collectibles that puts the "om" back in Home! 

Andie's 2020 Holiday Sale!

... Lots of Gratitude Discounts!


We are moving and closing our "Om" Home On-line Shop.

As a "BIG Thank You" to our clients and friends we are offering a few of my favorite pieces at a discounted price. I hand picked most of these myself and...

they all have been blessed, activated and cleared for their new "Om"er! :-)

   Please feel free to forward this offer to all of the really cool people you know! 

"Stay Healthy, Grounded and Trust In the Divine Order"

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    Ist. DIBS CLUB!

        15% Off !!!


Fabulous Mini-Wooden Altars 

Handcut, Painted & Designed By Local Artist in Mexico City!Each One-of-a-Kind!

Saints,  Angels, Deities, & Church!

 Group Them Together or Gift Them Individually! 1 for $30; 3 for $80; 9 for $220

All Approx. (6"-7"H) x (2- 2-1/2"D) x (3-1/2"W)



 Amethyst Cluster Points

(Deep Purple Color) 7"H w/stand!

5"H x  3 1/2" W  (2 lbs.)

 Sale: $99!!


St. Francis of Assisi


Archangel Rafael


Blessed Virgin Mary


St. Francis of Assisi 


Mexican Church


Our Lady of Fatima

Padre Pio of Italy


Archangel Michael


 Removes Obstacles- Brings Prosperity  

 (Brass Ganesha/Bamboo Hut- India)

Vintage & Crystal Essential Oil/

Perfume Bottles 

Set/Tall Crystal Cylinders (2) 5"H x 2"W  Sale: $35 for 2!

Square Crystal (1) 3"H x 2"W   Sale: $20 for one!

Turquoise/Silver Tall/Round Bottom 9"H x 2-1/2"W   Sale: $30 for one!

Angel Etched Glass Globe/Stand 2"H x1"W w/LightBox! Sale: $40!

    "20%" Off Any 3 !!!!  

Perfume Bottles Lotus Globe.jpg
Perfume Bottle Turquoise Lit.jpg

Feng Shui "Crystal "Lotus with Light Box!

(Uses Both Batteries & Plug - Table Top Adjustments!!) 

Purple Lotus has a 60mm Feng Shui Crystal,(lg.) 6"x 6" Sale: $75!

Clear/Blue Tipped Lotus has "50"mm  FS Crystal, (med.) 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Sale: $45!

Crystal Changes Color When Displayed on LightBox (Lightbox- $20 Extra) 

Lotus Blue Purple.jpg

 Renaissance Art 

Replica of  Madonna Painting- Removed Slab of Wall!

Faux Aged, Textured Finish w/Top Moulding - Materials: Resin & Plaster

 Back Opening for Hanging or Can Rest on A Stand!

Size: 14"H x 8 1/2"W   Sale: $55!


Hand-Made Umbrellas from Thailand!

Use Indoors or Covered Outdoors! 

 (1) Tall 8ft. H x (3 ft. W Open)   - (2) Shorter 4 ft. H (x 3 ft. W Open) (pole ht. can be cut shorter)

  Set of 3: Sale: $125! 

Thai Umbrella no Diane.jpg
Thai Umbrella Single Closed.jpg

Unique Picture Frame Gifts from

Brazil & Mexico!

 Material Picture Wall Frames! Hand Made -

One of A Kind! Sewn by Local Brazilian Women! 

Traditional Fabrics, Lace w/ Burlap - Plastic Opening in Front For Pictures/Art or Keepsakes! Cord for Hanging;                   Size: 21"H x 15"W   Sale:$25 

"24 Mexican Crosses"

Picture Frame

Metal & Resin - Free Standing!

Size: 12"W x 9"L  Sale:$30

IMG_7201 (1).jpg

     Vintage Shrines from Mexico - Hand Made by Local Artists! 

Hand Cut & Painted Miniature  Tin Flowers, Crowns, Staffs with Lace Details on Cloak! 

       Each is One of a Kind! Back Slides Open to Add Prayers/Affirmations, Etc.

Large: 14"H x 8"W x 4"D  Sale:$45!  Small 9"H x 7"W x 3 1/2"D Sale:$35    Set:$75!

Tin Altars2.jpg

"Authenthic" Shaman Ceremonial Headdress!!!

Hand Made by Indigenous Brazilian Tribal Workers! 

 100's of Mother of Pearl Beads - Worn Around Neck or Head! 27"L x 12"W   Sale:$108!!!




Hand Carved Buddha Heads from Indonesia!

Large - Beautiful Multi-Colored Wood, 9"H x 7"W   Sale:$99! 

Small - Light Wood 6"H x 4"W   Sale:$35!

Set: $125!! 

Buddha Head Right Side.jpg
Buddha Head Left  Side.jpg
Buddha Head Front Side Angle.jpg

Chinese God/Goddess "Business" Deities 

The New World Spiritual Protocol for a Successful Business: 

Combining the Power of Compassion with Business Savvy!

Divine Feminine: Quan Yin/Goddess of Compassion & Divine Masculine: Guan Gong/God of Business

Size: Quan Yin: 7 1/2"H x 3 1/2"W   Guan Gong: 8"H x 3 1/2"W  Set: $45

 Sacred Wall Art of

Classic Mother Madonna & Child !

Beautiful Details, Colors & Angels! Wooden Cross, Church Spires and Columns Frame & Surround the Sacred Image of Mary & Jesus! 

Painted Wood, Copper Brown with Silvers Overtones! 

Back Hardware Ready for Hanging or Can Stand

Size: 20"H x 14"W  Sale: $75!

Feng Shui SilverWind Chimes for Wealth, Finances or New Job!  

Place over Stove, in Kitchen, or Areas Where you Eat!!

Wood Top/Silver with 30mm Crystal   Sale:$35!

"Large" Cotton Buddha Batiks- Rich Saturated Colors!  

Hang on Wall, Or Use As Throes or Coverlet for Twin Sized Beds!!

  Brown or Red Buddha Each: Sale - $50  Set: Sale - $90!!