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What makes a Home/Health Feng Shui Consultation with Andie so transformational?

When a client first calls for a Feng Shui Consultation, quite often they are going through a major transition - a significant life situation is changing or is in need of a change. The situation may be regarding a move to a different home or office, financial/work concerns, business/company challenges, relationship or health related issues, etc. Many times, the issue is not even something that the client is able to put their finger on - just an intuitive, gut feeling that something is "off" or a certain aspect of their life is at a standstill.


Andie blends her skills as a Psycho-Spiritual Therapist and her gifts as an Intuit with 20+ years as an internationally known BTB Feng Shui Expert/Author of two Best Selling Books on the subject. Her vast training and professional experience helps gets to the "heart of the matter" in a more expansive way, allowing her to assess what's contributing to the situation from many different angles including the emotional and spiritual, as well as from a Feng Shui energy perspective. 

"We were so impressed with the consult! The qi in our house and family has shifted already in a significant way.  I am so grateful.  I do not think that I have ever worked with anyone so connected at a high level and also so completely grounded and practical! Thanks for nailing both of us on our issues and clarifying what the real questions at hand were.  Diane & Evan - Baltimore, MD

3 Step Process...

1-Every Consultation (phone/on-site) begins with an interactive therapeutic "reading" of the clients emotional, spiritual and Chakra energy field. The information derived brings to the surface some of the more deeper, underlying life patterns that are being mirrored through the client's current life challenges, as well as through the Feng Shui of their homes, offices/businesses, and environments. 


2-The next part of the consultation includes a room by room assessment of all significant exterior and interior factors such as room positioning, furniture layouts, door/window locations, garage placements, staircase directions and many other architectural and floor plan related items. Andie then suggests various cures/solutions that will offset the problematic "chi flow" which may be contributing to keeping her client, and their life issues in a stubborn holding pattern.


3-Through the use of transcendental cures (crystals, mirrors, fountains, wind chimes, plants, etc.) and mundane adjustments such as moving one's bed or desk to another position/room, energy patterns (chi) throughout the space are then rerouted into a more supportive and conducive order. In turn, the personal energy field (Chakras) of the individual who lives or works in that space is reshaped by the new energy patterns created by the adjustments in the environment. This personal energy shift is what allows the client to attract new people, places and situations into their lives. 


Andie also incorporates Bach Flower Remedies and Ho'oponopono  problem solving techniques, as well as provides referrals and follow-up individual counselling as needed. Applying various disciplines to the Feng Shui consulting process helps to uncover many unseen factors that have contributed to the clients Relationships, Health, Financial, Career and Family related issues. By utilizing several different vibrational/emotional healing methods, the core issues are addressed from a multi-level, advanced approach ultimately "raising the percentage" that the issue itself will shift, change and more rapidly transmute. 

Consultation Gift Certificates & Fees

Fees vary for On-Site, Phone or Skype Consultations and will depend on the size of your home or business and if additional services such as Space Clearing and/or Travel fees apply. We accept Checks, Debit and most Credit Cards! Call the office or email us for an estimate. Gift Certificates are also available!