With current 5d energies, Andie has seen the need to shift from teaching in groups to working one-on-one... 
 Andie  now specializes  in private 5d phone sessions to address how 5d energies are specifically impacting each client's personal life!!  
2020 Teleseminars with be offered at times for general updates.  Please join our mailing list to receive advance notices, contact the office and check back frequently throughout the year.

I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I am sorry

I always enjoy being in Andie's presence. Andie's compassion comes through her sharp sense of humor. I feel relief as I learn from "Andie" . Last year when I heard her speak on the "Ascension Process" I also heard my Indigenous Elders' teachings echo in Andie's words.  I'm honored to walk with Andie as we delve deeper into the transition into 5th dimensional living.                

                                                              Love and Light, - Truth Warrior, Bronx, NYC