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Welcome to the Next BIG Shift: from Light-Worker to Light-Emissary!
  One Day Class: Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 10:00am-5:00pm, NYC 
                                       w/Andie SantoPietro                                                  
               Here we go again! Add Soap, Wash, Spin, Dry and Repeat!  :-(
This upcoming June 2016 solstice will usher in some of the biggest planetary shifts & human energy field upgrades that we will have experienced since the completion of the Ascension process of December 2012!!!
Over the next year or so...life as we know it will seriously begin to change...
yet again. This next wave of planetary light will create quite the cosmic sweep of all things that are not of 100% pure light! You don't have to look too far to 
witness all the global destabilizations, uber-crazy political theatre, as well as the massive shift of sands under your very own feet!   
In May of 2016, five significant planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto &  Jupiter)
will all be in retrograde! This "astrological conspiracy" will create a much needed day-to-day breather as well as an opportunity for us to take one last hard look at all the outdated beliefs, fears and storylines as we raise our Human
Frequency (Hz) up to the next higher level of 5d Consciousness and Light!
Although everyone will be feeling the heat at some point, LightWorkers will be the first in line for the upgrades, as our bigger picture purpose in now shifting from Light-Workers to Light-Emissaries!
Come join us for a day of Sharing, 5d Updates, Frequency Adjustments, Light-Code Meditations and Creating Simple Art Drawings to connect our expanded Hearts & LightBodies to the New 5d Grid!  No Art Experience Necessary.  All materials provided.   
Spaces are filling up quickly...email us to hold your place,
then choose a payment option below to register!  
Email: andiesantopietro@gmail.com or contact Diane at 609-799-0152.

Workshop Information:

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2016

Time: 10AM- 5PM

Location: Swanand Yoga, 171 W. 29th St., 3rd FL (at 7th Ave) NYC

Cost:  $199

Bring to Class: 9 Red Envelopes w/$1.00 in each for Andie


2 Payment Options:



Send Check in a Red Envelope to: Andie SantoPietro, 1684 80th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214 or make payment below through Pay Pal.