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Fire Monkey Follow-Ups!!
 One Day Class: Sun. May 15, 10:00am-5:00pm, NYC - ($199)
 or Individual Phone Sessions ($225) w/Andie SantoPietro                                                  
Greetings Everyone!  I hope you are all well and enjoying (or at least managing) the antics and challenges of what's turning out to be a very interesting FIRE MONKEY year indeed! Life as we know it is seriously beginning to shift, with the influx of energies flailing around turning many things first inside out, then upside down.  With the official arrival of summer, 
June 2016 will bring some of the biggest planetary shifts that we have seen since the Ascension process of December 2012!  
                                   Add Soap, Wash, Spin, Dry, Repeat...
You don't have to look far to witness all the churning of unprecedented world events, uber crazy political theatre, as well as the massive shift of sands
below your own feet! The planet appears to be in a constant, unpredictable state of chaos - making for a very uneasy (read: crazy) day-to-day reality for most of us!  Although it is serving to bring the last remnants of all our fears and darkness to the surface for clearing and release - it is still very unsettling and frightening to go through alone or at least without an understanding of what is happening as we are rapidly raising our Human Frequency to a 5d Level of Consciousness and Light. (to read more...copy/paste link below)                                                                              
*****Exclusive Discount Offer - Fire Monkey Teleseminar Peeps Only!***** 
For those of you needing a little extra one-on-one support or who are out of town and can't join us, I will be available for Private Coaching/PsychoSpiritual Therapy via phone. If you sign up over the next week, between now and May 5, I am offering a special discount of $25 off when you schedule a 1 hour and 15 min. Individual Phone Session with me! Regularly $250 now $225. For details, availability & scheduling email andiesantopietro@gmail.com or contact Diane at 609-799-0152.

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