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The "Om" Home Shop! of a kind collectibles that put the "om" back in Home! 

Most items have been personally hand-picked by Andie over the past 25 years, many during her travels while teaching and consulting around the world as a BTB FS Expert. They have been blessed, activated and energetically cleared.


We think you'll agree… there's no place like "om"!

                                With love & light, Andie & Diane


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Buddha Statues & Deities

Buddha Lounging $20
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Metal w/a Blue/Green Finish, 6.5"L x 2"H
Buddha CD Holder $60
Unique Piece
for Music Displays! Buddha attaches to matching base and metal CD Holder 2' 2"H X 9 1/2"W X 5"D
2 Available!
CD Holder
Buddha Altar Set $35
5 Piece Mosaic Glass
Buddha is 5"H x 3-1/2"W. 2 Mosaic Candleholders are 3-1/2"H x 2-1/2"W. 2 mosaic plates are 6" Round with Greens, Golds & Copper Glass Mosaic Tiles
Brass Buddha $55
Tibetan, Brass with Lapis Tops, Mudra Hand up Medicine Buddha 8-1/2"H x 5"W
Ganesh w/Altar House  $20
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Brass Ganesh in Wood House, 5"H x 4"W
Quan Yin Altar Pagoda $30
Triptych w/2 Folding Panels
Wood With Quan Yin & 2 other Dieties on Each Side of Her. Great for a Travelling Altar! 10"H X 8"W (when open)
Folding Triptych
Buddha Head  $25
Hand Carved!
Light Wood, 6-1/2"H x 3"W
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 Thankas, Prayer Flags & "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum" Banners

$350 Manjusri Thanka
Extra Large!
Bodhisattva of Wisdom,
Hand painted! Beautiful! Nepal
Manjusri, Vivid Color, Blue/Green/Gold Silk Brocade Excellent Condition, 48"H x 33"W
Thanka Manjusri
Prayer Flag Set $30
5 Elements, X-Large
Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum written in Sanskrit 108 times. Use indoors or it comes in contact with the elements, the wind sends the mantra prayers out into the world!.String of 5 Flags, each 20"L X 12"W.
Total Length - 6 ft. long!
Prayer Flag Detail
"Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum"
Prayer Flag Detail
Prayer Flag Detail
"Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum"
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"Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum" Banners - Assorted Sizes:

Large Horizontal $35- 39"W x 22"H; Small Horizontal $30- 9"W x 7"H;

Large Vertical $35- 37"W x 12"H; Small Vertical $25- 35"L x 7"W;

Snake Ties- $12  14 1/2"L x 2 1/2"W

     Sacred Door & Window Coverings 

Sacred Door Valences $120
3 Panel Set/10ft.W from India!
3 Sewn Together (can be separated).
Each Panel is 3ft 3"W x 14"H.
3 Panels together is 10ft W x 14"H!
Door/Window Valence $40
Mirrored Red/Orange - India
Door/Window Valence
Mirrored Beige/Red India
Single Door Valence  $40
Bone/Red Color - India
Mirrored Valence for Door/Window,
Single Panel 39"W x 14"H
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Assorted Banners
Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum
5 Flames
Om & Buddha Symbols
Tibetan Snake Tie $10
Used for Protection!
Silk Brocade,13"L x 2-1/2"W
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Meditation, Altars  & Spiritual Items 

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Mexican Tin Altars (Set) $45
Tons of Colorful Details!
Hand Made. Back Door Slides off. Large Male Saint 15inH x 8inW. Small Female Saint 9inH x 6.5inW
Altar w/Male Saint
Large Closeup
Tin Colored Flowers.
Altar Top Closeup
Hand-Forged Designs
Cross in Tin
Mexican Frame $30
27 Crosses
Hand-Beaded Mandala
Original Design! Brazil
Renaissance Angel Box $20
Lacquered Art Top
Wood, Golds, Browns, Rusts w/Brownish-Brick Red Sides, 5"W x 3"D
Box w/Cushioned Interior
Black Fabric w/Floral Design
Mexican Altar Cross $18
Hand Forged Tin w/ Pocket
for Tinkets
7"H X 6"W
Mexican Tin Altar $18
Box for Sacred Objects!
Hook on Back for Wall Hanging
Tin with glass box, Wings &3rd Eye at Top 4inH x 5inW
Coins for display only!
Mini Tin Altar
Open Door Closeup
Hand Carved Figures $35
Male/Female - from Brazil!
6inL x 4in wide
Jewelry Box $35
Tibetan White Washed Wood
4 Drawers (3 inside Spindled Doors), 9.5inH x 8inW
Jewelry Box
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                               Parasols, Drums & Prayer Wheel

Parasol Set of (3)  $150
Spectacular Colors from Bali!
Reds & Golds- Hand Made of Wood and Reflective fabric! Can Run Lights under them for Very Cool Look!
Great for Displays, Meditation Rooms, etc.
Parasol Open
Circumference 4 ft.
Parasol Set (3) -  $150
Various Heights - 3ft. to 8ft.
Copper Prayer Wheel $35
Tibetan Sanskrit Prayer Scroll
108 OM MA NI PAD ME HUM blessings, 13x3
Hand Drums $20/15
Pair $45
Lg -12 1/2 D x 3" W
Side View
Sm - 9 1/4" L X 3" W
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Altar ClothsSacred Fabrics Bedspreads 

Altar Cloth $250
Throw/Wall Hanging too!
Hand Beaded!Cotton Hand Made Beautiful Colors and Patches of Various Materials! 5ft. x 3ft.
Hand Beaded!
Blanket/Throw/Wall Hanging
Brocades Hand Closeup
Hand Stitched!
Bedspread $225
From India-Hand Stitched Motifs
Include rows of Dragonflys, Birds, Male & Female Couple. Intricate Details. Fits a Queen Size Bed!
Husband/Wife Figures
Wall Hanging too!
9ft. L x 7ft. 4in. W
Brocade Trim Corner
Altar Cloth Green Silk $45
From India
Green Sheen With Pink/Gold Tones, 5ft. 6in. L x 1ft.W
Altar Cloth Green
Altar Cloth Purple $45
Beautiful Silk from India
with Gold Tones, Table Runners, Foot of Bed Throws, 5ft. 6in.L x 1ftW
Altar Cloth Purple
Altar Cloth Deep Pink $45
Silk from India
Pink/Gold Tones, 5ft.6"L x 1ftW
Altar Cloth Deep Pink
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...There's No Place Like "Om"!

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Buddha CD Holder $60

Indonesian Unique Piece for Music Displays! Buddha attaches to matching base and metal CD Holder 2' 2"H X 9 1/2"W X 5"D 2 Available!