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The "Om" Home Shop! of a kind collectibles that puts the "om" back in Home! 

Most items have been personally hand-picked by Andie over the past 25 years, many during her travels while teaching and consulting around the world as a BTB FS Expert. They have been blessed, activated and energetically cleared.


We think you'll agree

                       ...there's no place like "om"!

            With love & light, Andie & Diane


Please contact Diane for Purchases or Questions.


Diane: 347-452-3667

Bottles (not sure what you want to call this section)

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Altar cabinet drawers open
Altar cabinet closeup
Altar Cabinet bottom
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Antique Altar Cabinet - India  $1,300!

Original Paint, Exquisite Color & Detail!   5ft H x 4ft 3" W x 1ft 3"D

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Antique Table from Pakistan! $325

42 Working Hand-Made Spindles! Wood w/Original Paint - 4ft 10"L x 2ft 4"W x 18"H

Tatami Set $250
4 Chairs, 4 Cushions & 5 Pillows!
Beautiful Japanese Print!
Buddha & Tray Sold Separately.
Tatami Chairs & Seat Cushions
Tatami Seat Cushion Print
Tatami Pillow Print
Chairs are Stackable!
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Tatami Chairs/Set of 4 - $250

w/ 4 Matching Seat Cushions and 5 Pillows!

Antique Chinese Art $375
Gold/Red Original Paint 75+ Years Old!
Depicts Images of A Happy,Prosperous Family, Protective Lions & A Calligraphy Love Poem Written In Side Panels!
Chinese Art- Top Corner
7 Wood Block Panels!
Chinese Art -Back
Interlocking Wood Pieces
Original Hardware Hook for Hanging
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Antique Chinese Wooden Art  $375

Beautiful, Rare & Very Auspicious!!!  3ft 2" H x 2ft 8" W

Queensized Bed, Sustainable Wood -Vietnam

Bed - Headboard
Not Assembled
Bed - Footboard
Bed - Headboard
Bed - Sides/Footboard
No Hardware Needed!
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Bed/Queen- Imported  From Vietnam-  $350!

Headboard, Footboard, 2 Platform Sides. All Sustainable Wood w/ 3 Built in Shelves.  Platform Fits Boxspring & Mattress. Unassembled. Ideal Feng Shui Headboard!

Indian  Hand - Embriodered Bedspread/Wall Hanging

Indian Bedspread, Queen - $225
Hand-Stitched Designs
8ft 9"L x 7ft 3"'W
Husband & Wife Motif
Can also be used as Wall Hanging!
Bedspread Corner
Beautiful Colors, Hand-Stitched Detail!
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Sage/Black Green Rug $40
Vertical View
4ft 7"L x 3ft W
Rug Detail
Horizontal View
Rug Detail
Design Closeup
Off White Runner $30
Floral Design
2'W x 9'L
Deep Blue Wool Rug $75
Design Hand Embroidered from India!
Not printed on. 4'W x 6'L
India Rug Detail
Light Blue/Gold/ Red Closeup
SOLD! Rug $50
Reds & Gold
6ft 3"L x 4ftW
Red Rug Detail
Corner Closeup
Copper Rug $40
Gold, Light Brown, Copper Coloring
5ft 3"L x 3ft 2"W
Copper Rug Detail
Green/Floral Rug Set $110
Asian Inspired/Silky Sheen
Floral Blossom Design, All Natural Cotton
Shorter -3ft.9"Lx2ft.W
Rug Floral Detail
Blossom Closeup
All Natural Cotton
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Mirror $40
Red Wood Frame
Yellow Gold Piping, 2ft 3"H x x 2ft W
Frame Detail
Mirror $45
Chocolate Brown 6" Wood Frame
2ft 8" H x 2ft W
Frame Detail
XLG Mirrors $250 Pair!
Inverted Painted Glass Panels
Golds/ Browns/Coppers
3ft. x 4ft. Oval & Rectangle
$175 each!
Oval Mirror $175
Hang Vertical or Horizontal
3ft X 4ft.
Painted Glass Panel Detail
Oval Closeup
Glass Panel Detail
Oval Closeup
Rectangular Mirror $175
Inverted Painted Glass Panels
3 ft x 4 ft.
Rectangular Frame Detail
Hang Vertical or Horizontal
Painted Glass Panel Detail
Rectangular Closeup
Glass Panel Detail
Rectangular Closeup
Mirror $35
Original Barn Shutter!
Green, 4ft 6"W x 1ft 2"H
Mirror $35
Unique Old Barn Shutter!
Silver w/Burgundy Faux Finish,
13"H x 3ft 8"W
Mirror $45
Palm Leaf Fabric Insert
Gold, Wood Frame, 4ft W x 1ft 7"H
Frame Detail
Brown Framed Mirror $40
Wood 4in. Boarder
20" x 20"
Frame Corner
Mirrors (Set) $35
Hand-Carved From India
9"H x 7"W
Hand-Carved Detail
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Exotic Monkey Lamps $135
Monkey Holding Bamboo
2 Lamps In Set, 4 Bulb Outlets, Beaded Fridges. Creates Beatiful Golden Light!
Shades are Leopard Design 27"H x 22"W
Monkey in Tuxedo
Lamps (Set of 2)  $130
Handbeaded Moroccan!
Beautiful! 17"H x 7"W
Moroccan Details
Sitting Monkey Lamp $40
Magic Carpet Pillow w/ Wine in Hand & Fruit Plate Behind Him! Great Colors & Detail! One Lamp Only!
2ft 2"H x 11" W
Sitting Monkey Lamp
Optional Beaded Shade Choice
for Single Lamp
Sitting Monkey
Aladdin's Lamp $50
Unique Soft Ambience
Amber Glass, 8-1/2"H x 12" W
Floor Lamp $50
Silk Shade/Low Light
6ft 4"H x 1ft 3"W
Silk  Shade
Silk Balloon Lamps SOLD!
Double Happiness Motif
Green/Gold Silk
Assorted Sizes
Balloon Hanging Lamps (2) $60
Beautiful Silk Purple/Pink,
"Double Happiness" Calligraphy Motif
NEW in Original Box, 17in H. Plug in Hardware Included!
Lamps (Set of 2) $120
Original 1930's Art Deco!
10" H x 4" W
Art Deco Lamps
Lamp $25
Victorian-Style Candlestick
Ceramic, 12"H x 4-1/2"W
Victorian Details
Wall Lamp Set- $175
Bamboo Crafted in Brazil!
(2) 60W Bulbs per Lamp. Plug in with on/off Switch. 3ft 2"H x 4"W
Brazilian Bamboo Lamp
Back Closeup
Brazilian Bamboo
Shows Lamp Daytime
Wall Hanging/Plug In
Brazilian Bamboo
Shows Lamp Nighttime
Wall Hanging/Plug In
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Candleholders, Vases and Sacred Art

Candleholders (2) $25
Red/Gold Glass Panels
10"H X 3" W
Glass Detail
Sacred Object Holders
Or Crystal Holders
Fish Sculptures (2) $100
Antique, set of 2,handcarved from Hawaii
Copper Set $45
Vase/Tray/2 Candleholders
Vase 14"H x 4"W, Candleholders 18"H and 14-1/2"H, Tray 10"L X 6"W
Copper Candleholders
Copper Details
Vase & Tray
Candle Holder $15
Matching Candle Included
Ceramic/Wood, Ivory/Brown Colors, 12"H
Wall Art $30
Mother Mary Cast Ceramic
Hooks to Hang on Wall in Back.
14"L x 10"W
Renaissance Style Fresca
Archangel Michael $60
Powerful Protection!
For Home or Office, Limited Edition Poster with Original Autograph by Artist Robert Hudson. 2ft 4"H x 1ft 8"W
Archangel Michael
Limited Edition Closeup
Medicine Buddha  $99
Powerful Healing Prayer
Superimposed 9x's in Gold Calligraphy,
White Calligraphy Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum 108x's, 30"L x 21"W
Calligraphy Details
SOLD!!! $54
Clear Space/Raise Chi
Powerful Cure for Home or Office!
32-1/2"L x 25"W
Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum
6 True Words Colors
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Original Fiestaware Collection 1930's

Fiestaware Collection
Includes Harlequin & Hall
Original Stamp
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 "Original" 1930's Fiestaware Collection! $250

50+ Pieces of Original Fiestaware, Harlequin & Hall (Homer-Laughtin) Dishware

...There's No Place Like "Om"!