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Calling all Angels...Lightworkers needed to counsel the newly awakened 3d population and assist them in their evolutionary transition "over the bridge" from 3d living into 5d consciousness!  5d Principles & BTB Feng Shui.  No prior experience necessary!  3 Month Online  Program Begins May 2016!
5d LivingYour assistance will be needed... as many people will go through massive transformations! You just might have the perfect "spiritual resume" for the job!!!  It's not just the healers or helping professionals anymore! As we begin to move more quickly into a 5d world, many different types of professionals are slowly "waking up" and finding themselves being "called" to help guide and support others to easily transition from a 3d world into a new 5d life!


Program Overview: Train in 5d BTB Feng Shui Consulting!  

  • 2 Primary Disciplines - BTB Feng Shui, 5d Principles
  • BTB Fundamentals, Interior Factors & Adjustments, Transcendental Cures
  • Floorplan Assessment - Homework Review 
  • 9 Sundays/Saturdays/3 Months - May, June, July 2016!
  • 6 Hours of Private Mentoring w/Andie - 1 hour Sessions
  • 6 Hours of Private Mentoring w/Diane - 1 hour Sessions 
  • No pre-requisite. Introductory BTB Feng Shui for Beginners


Register Now!!! Space is limited. Starts May 2016 

Contact Diane:  DHoffmann369@gmail.com or call 609-799-0152

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  "The Golden Bridge" 

                Online 5d BTB Feng Shui Training Programtm   

                          with Diane Hoffmann & Andie SantoPietro