40mmAB Feng Shui Crystal with Cinnabar topper for Health. 29 additional 8mm crystals augment the 40mm for a more powerful adjustment. More aesthetically pleasing than traditional red string!

This Feng Shui HEALTH adjustment can be hung in any area of the Bagua (see Bagua map under Feng Shui Consultations for proper placement) to augment a specific health concern or to increase the overall well being of an individual, family or business! Also available in 50mm at $70.  Click on Select Size to choose.

Hung on 9" of Red wire. The Cinnabar Health Topper is 1-1/2". Total length of crystal is 12-1/2 inches. Call to "special order" in 18 or 27 inch lengths. (AB means "aurora-borealis".) This special coating on the multi-faceted crystal makes it more effective in moving energy. When placed in sunlight, it reflects a spectacular array of colored prisms and rainbows.

Health Crystal (40mmAB)