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5D Psycho-Spiritual Intuitive Counseling & Feng Shui Consulting

"Virtual" Red Envelopes have been created for on-line purchase in our store for our international clientele and students who are not able to purchase traditional red envelopes in the area in which they live. Used for Teleseminars, Phone & Skype Feng Shui Consultations. 

9 "Virtual" Reds

  • Purchase and send your "virtual" Red Envelopes online. This is a convenience for clients outside the USA or anyone scheduling phone or Skype Psycho-Spiritual Therapy sessions or FS Consultations. Nine $1 bills are placed by proxy in 9 Red Envelopes (or an amount requested by the consultant) "Virtually" for the client and then blessed by Andie or Diane in the same manner as if they recieved in hand red envelops! These envelops are required for all services and exchange of transcendental knowledge or cures.