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The Praying in Color CD set is Andie's unique 12 Chakra Color & Sound system that works with 3 Chakras at a time (parallel and complimentary) for healing on a core level. No meditation experience needed! Andie talks you through visualizations. Music
in background is for the specific chakras you are working on for more powerful healing. Great to use for Illnesses or general Clearing/Alignment. Set of 4 CD's with an 8-page Instructional Booklet! Very User Friendly!

Chakra Meditations

  • Chakra Color & Sound Meditations use Andie's unique system of working with 3 chakras at a time to assist in healing whatever issues or illnesses are currently in your life. Through guided visualizations, sound and imagery, this comprehensive set of CDs can be used ongoingly during any shifts or transitional times. This set of 4 CDs includes almost 5 hours of 12 unique Chakra Color & Sound Meditations and an 8-page instructional booklet with a color diagram of The Chakras! Along with soothing sounds of nature, all the original background music was written to correspond with the exact Chords and Musical Notes that resonate to each chakra to further enhance the Meditations' Powerful Healing Abilities...Color Prescriptions For What Ails You.

        Andie SantoPietro

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