Created with love by Greer Jonas and Andie SantoPietro

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40mm AB Clear Crystal with 12 Zodiac Topper represents connecting with all the Chinese Zodiac animals. This is a powerful way to activate your Helpful People gua for the Year of the Earth Pig! Hangs 9" on red wire with 29 additional 8mm siam crystals to make it a more powerful adjustment. Augments the 40mm crystal and is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional red string!


Call to "special order" in 18 or 27 inch lengths. (AB means "aurora-borealis".) This special coating on the multi-faceted 40mm crystal makes it more effective in moving energy. When placed in sunlight, it reflects a spectacular array of colored prisms and rainbows.

Harmony Crystal (40mm) 12 Zodiac Topper!

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