40mmAB Clear Feng Shui Crystal with two Cinnabar Heart Toppers for Relationships/Love. Hangs an auspicious 9" on red wire. 29 additional 8mm crystals augment the 40mm for a more powerful adjustment. And, it's more aesthically pleasing than traditional red string!

Call to "special order" in 18 or 27 inch lengths. (AB means "aurora-borealis".) This special coating on the multi-faceted 40mm crystal makes it more effective in moving energy. When placed in sunlight, it reflects a spectacular array of colored prisms and rainbows.

Heart Crystal (40mmAB) Relationship/Love!

  • Diane's heartfelt craftmanship, coupled with Andie's unique design, includes an additonal string of 29 Sparkling Red Swarovski Crystals to further enhance the power of the 40mm Crystal Relationship Cure! This beautiful multi-faceted crystal also has an "aurora-borealis" coating that when placed in sunlight reflects a spectacular array of color prisms and rainbows. This Feng Shui RELATIONSHIP adjustment should be hung in the Relationship area of your bedroom or overall floor plan (see Bagua Map under Feng Shui Consultations for proper placement) to help bring in a new love, resolve a relationship issue, or to strengthen and bless the relationship that you are already in! The total length of the Crystal, including the 1-3/4 inch Double Heart Relationship Topper, the 9 inches of Red Swarovski beads and the convenient gold-colored hook is approximately 13" inches. Call to "special order" this Relationship adjustment in 18 or 27 inch lengths.