Sun-Moon Mirrors are one of the most powerful BTB Feng Shui transcendental cures available! They are used for a myriad of applications but especially for protection and to clear negative energies. It can be used as a Clearing Tool for your personal energy field, your home, office, car or any other objects. It will transmute stale, stagnant or negative energies, as well as energies accumulated during and after stressful times such as arguments, illnesses, depression, anxieties, financial difficulties, etc.

Other powerful cures can help you to gain clarity, remove obstacles, re-balance various states of anxiety and depression, transmute health and illness and much more! Contact your BTB Feng Shui Consultant or Diane for additional information on using this as a Clearing Tool or for other transcendental cures. A Red Envelope Exchange is required.

Each double sided 3" mirror is made according to BTB specifications which is a 3-4 month process! Mirrors are blessed & activated. A red dot is on the SUN side. Each 3" Mirror comes in a velvet pouch.

You can also wear a Sun-Moon mirror for protection. Check out the necklaces and key chains.


3" Sun-Moon Mirror Sacred Clearing Tool