This is a very powerful BTB transcendental cure. Each Sun-Moon Mirror is made according to BTB specifications which is a 3-4 month process. Protect your energy field as the Sun-Moon Mirror deflects and transmutes all lower energies that you may come in contact with from people, places and things in and around your environment.

Each locket is reversible, double-sided glass, stainless steel. The small locket holds a 3/4" Sun-Moon Mirror. The large locket holds a 1" Sun-Moon Mirror ($70). NOTE: A RED marking indicates the SUN side of the mirror which should always be worn facing out.

The reversible CZ locket can also be worn with the plain side facing out when a more casual look is desired! A stainless steel silver 18-20" rope chain is included.

Sun-Moon Necklace (Small/Large)