5d Psycho-Spiritual Intuitive Counseling 

What is 5d Psycho-Spiritual Intuitive Counseling?

It's an advanced form of transformational counseling that blends Andie's expertise as a psychotherapist (30+ years!) with her advanced spiritual teachings, guidance and 5D coaching skills. When these different modalities are employed simultaneously, they accelerate the client's process, clearing both their emotional and energetic blocks, as well as raising their overall vibration.  


This approach helps the client to address their underlying experiences/patterns

from their childhood and past lives, as well as the myriad of "soul contracts" that are shaping their current day concerns and challenges ranging from relationship, financial, health and career anxieties, to soul-path and all other matters of the heart. In addition, these many beautiful, heart- based individuals are also shifting their personal frequencies, taking quantum evolutionary leaps- moving from 3D to 5D levels of consciousness. Without guidance or an understanding of what is happening to them, life can feel like a whirlwind, with each day bringing either rapid changes or extreme stagnation! As we shift energy patterns, these very common issues, and how to navigate through them are also addressed.


A gifted "emotional intuit", Andie uses her innate intuitive abilities to assist clients in sorting through years, and often lifetimes, of limiting and debilitating patterns that

continue to run interference in their efforts to create a happy, healthy and abundant life. Similar to the way a "medical intuit" is able to scan the body and guide clients who are facing medically-related challenges, Andie incorporates the same type of skills through "reading" the clients' energy fields & Chakras. By intuiting some of the psychological, emotional and spiritual underpinnings, she is able to bring more clarity and resolution to the issues at hand. 

Merging Psycho-Spiritual Therapy & Feng Shui Principles


Andie was the first BTB Feng Shui Expert who was also in private practice as a Psychotherapist. Back in 1990, she would have her psychotherapy clients bring their floor plans into session. During the last 10 minutes of each session, together, they would review the Feng Shui of her client's home. Andie would then make suggestions to move certain pieces of furniture or hang specific adjustment items as an additional way to improve on the corresponding issues that the client was addressing in therapy.


Clients would go home, make the changes, then come back the following week for session, and once again, Andie would tweak the floor plans a little more. To her amazement, clients who were working on personal and emotional issues for years found themselves changing jobs, leaving abusive relationships and significantly improving the quality of their overall health and lives!


By adjusting the Feng Shui of the client's home in combination with their participation in Psycho-Spiritual therapy sessions, they began to expedite shifts and move through their life challenges with more grace and less effort. Since witnessing the healing

benefits of combining these two disciplines back in 1990, Andie has used Feng Shui Design Consultations in tandem with all her Psychotherapy clients.

"I met Andie in 2001 and my life hasn’t been the same since. My work with her, both therapy and Feng Shui, has enriched my life, increased my wealth, healed my heart and moved me forward with every exchange.  Her insights and guidance are always spot on and she’s as loving as she is wise. She’s a game changer!"  

                                            Megan Johnson, CEO-President Red-Shui Talent, LA

Spiritual technology at its best!! 


In addition to Feng Shui design principles and Psycho-Spiritual Counseling, Andie

also incorporates Bach Flower Remedies and the Hawaiian problem-solving methods of Ho'oponopono into her client's healing process. By combining these various disciplines, she approaches the client's challenges from an Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic and Environmental perspective, raising the percentage that the challenges will transmute at their vibrational core...and not just on the visible surface.    

As a 5D LightWorker herself, Andie especially feels motivated to assist the many LightWorkers, Human Angels, Adult Crystals and Indigo's people in navigating through what often feels like confusion, loneliness and overwhelming times during their incarnation on Earth.


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