The Red Envelope Ritual

A Tibetan Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui Tradition

I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I am sorry.

What is the "Red Envelope Ritual?"

The Red Envelope Ritual is a tradition that has been passed down over the years through the BTB Feng Shui lineage. It is a time-honored requirement used to activate and bless the "transcendental and spiritual aspect" of the sacred exchange of energy, information and cures shared between the consultant and the client. Andie & Diane will request Red Envelopes for all Feng Shui Consultations, Space Clearing Sessions, Class/Workshops or Private Therapy Sessions, etc. (Video w/ Andie on Red Envelopes)

Any particular type of Red Envelope that I should use? 

The Red Envelopes can be any size as long as they are RED. Traditional Chinese Envelopes from either Chinatown or purchased from our on-line store, plain red envelopes from Kinko's, Staples or a craft/stationary store are also acceptable. You can even make them yourself out of red construction paper or fabric!

Order your "Virtual" Red Envelopes.

How many will I need and how should they be prepared?

In keeping with BTB Tradition, Andie or Diane will request from you an auspicious number of Red Envelopes, usually 9,18 or 27, but sometimes higher in certain other circumstances.

Please prepare the requested amount of envelopes in advance of your consultation appointment. In each envelope you will place a $1.00 bill, then in addition, you will add the fee for the Consultation, Space Clearing, Workshop or Therapy Session into one of those envelopes also. 

If your consult is on-site, you can prepare and hold on to the envelopes until the consult is completed, then you can offer them to Andie or Diane at the closing to be Blessed. 

If your Consult, Therapy Session or Class is via phone, Skype or if you are outside of the USA, then for your convenience the web-site Store has created a *"Virtual" Red Envelope"  so you can purchase and send your "virtual" reds on line. Click the "Buy Now" link below.

What do Andie and Diane do with the Red Envelopes? 

That evening, after each consult/session is completed they bless the envelopes and everything that was addressed during their visit, including all issues of concern and each suggestion, cure or recommendation that they have made to the client during the Therapy Session, Space Clearing or Feng Shui Consult.

They then place the blessed envelopes under their mattress and sleep on them overnight...spiritually activating the Feng Shui intentions, transcendental cures, teachings or therapeutic process. The following morning, the complete blessing process is repeated again.


Afterwards, all the "blessed $1.00 bills" are consciously spent and placed back into circulation, energetically cleared of the more denser energies of fear and anxiety that typically are associated with money and financial stresses. The "blessed money" now carries a more peaceful, calmer energy as it is passed through millions of individual hands helping to vibrationally shift old paradigms and belief systems regarding scarcity verses abundance.