The Biscuit Oraclestm

TV that teaches humans a new perspective on love, communication
and the power of a spiritual purpose...

I love you, please forgive me, thank you, I am sorry



 An incredibly true story about a talking Dog with a spiritual        purpose...


Picture this...if Dr. Phil had paws and merged with Deepak Chopra - who had a tail - well, you'd sort of have the concept behind The Biscuit Oraclestm, 

but not quite...   




How it all began...

The show is based on an incredibly true, real life story about Andie's dog named Orin who severely injured his neck back in 2005. His human companion, Andie hired an “animal communicator” to try to illicit from Orin his input on what he felt was the best course of treatment to take. During those initial discussions, Andie was completely taken aback by the insightful and very profound “answers” that she received from him - not only about his choice of treatment, but about many topics ranging from politics to general issues about life. She followed his treatment advice… and Orin began a miraculous recovery without the use of any surgery or traditional medicines! As his health improved, she began scheduling “appointments” for him through his animal communicator to “talk“ with other individuals facing personal or health related issues.




The Biscuit Oracles  Showtm 

Combining his unique brand of quirky humor and great compassion, Orin sets out to teach "the humans" about love, life and the power behind a spiritual purpose!  His passion and love for his work gently opens everyone's heart to the unbelievable truth about his ability to communicate and the special counseling work he is here to do on Earth! After receiving his honorary degree in 2008 - a B.A.rk in Human Behavior, he enlisted the help of his human soul-mate, Andie, and together they created..."The Biscuit Oracles Showtm”.





Having a reading with Orin was a unique expereince! His responses were incredibly direct and insightful, peppered with a dose of humor. Besides guiding me with issues regarding my sister and my Mom, he also had a few helpful perspectives regarding my Dog too!  

                                                                                                            Stacie Flight, CT.