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 Space Clearing with Diane Hoffmann

Homes - Businesses - Individuals - Vehicles - Objects

What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is a sacred cleansing technique that can be used for all environments - Homes, Offices, Businesses & Land as well as for people, Animals and Objects too! It is an age old ritual used by many various cultures to move, then transmute stagnant or lower energies, clearing the space so that all auspicious or positive chi can effortlessly flow again.


Strong, positive and healthy chi is a crucial environmental factor in creating and sustaining the overall health and well-being of the person, occupants or business. Dense, or lower energies, can be a result of prior (predecessor chi) illnesses, arguments, clutter, divorces, depression, bankruptcies or current issues that the occupants or business were at one time challenged by.


In extreme situations, sometimes aggressive "entities" or spirits can also create havoc and energetically impact the well-being of the individuals living/working in the environment. 

How is a Space & Individuals Cleared?


Traditionally in Native American cultures, spaces have been "smudged" with sage to clear away negative energy and to add peace and tranquility.  Other current methods include sound (drums, bells, gongs, singing bowls, etc.), smell (incense, essential oils, orange peels, etc.), fire, and dowsing for geopathic stress.


In BTB Feng Shui, we also incorporate many "transcendental space cleaning cures" for adjusting an individuals or an environments "chi".  The transcendental or tantric aspect of our approach allows us to access a higher spiritual level of assistance to help transmute more lower, problematic energies or "entities".  These cures may include the use of Sun-Moon Mirrors, (See Video- Andie clearing student) Blessed Jusha RIce, Invocations/Mantras, Blessings, The Three Secrets Reinforcement and other transcendental cures. Diane also works closely with, and enlists the support of the Angelic Realm and specific Ascended Masters, as well as HH GrandMaster Lin Yun and her Light-Team guides.

When is Space Clearing Beneficial?


Space Clearing can be done anytime a space feels dense or "funky", business is slow, relationships are feeling stressful, a crisis, worry, anxiety or depression has occurred, when your life feels overall "stuck", or if you are sensing or intuitively feel the presence of other unwanted "energies" around. 


Space Clearing is also used for auspicious occasions such as when you first move into a new home or business, launch a project or celebrate an occasion or birth of a child! 


After the space is cleared, Diane then Blesses the space and all its' occupants to further welcome in the auspicious chi - creating a more joyful, healthy, prosperous and supportive environment!