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I drink sour lemon and it burst into Golden Sunshine!


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I drink sour lemon and it burst into Golden Sunshine!

 "Town Hall " - Teleseminar 
Reliving the Past - Building a New Empowered 5d World! 
                           with Andie SantoP ietro 
   Friday Evening, November 11, 2016    
7:00-8:15pm EST - 4:00-5:15pm PST - Recorded   
The Election results have left many people shocked, saddened and confused about "what this all means" as we suddenly took an unexpected leap from one dimensional time line to another!  Join us as we look at the "bigger picture", explore how our past lives in Atlantis and Lemuria are up for review with a massive opportunity to heal the past and learn from our Karmic mis-steps! Find some Peace in remembering why you are here at this pivotal juncture now, and what you can actively do as we try to make sense of this new, disorienting, but inevitable reality.  Bring your questions, thoughts, and concerns 
                  Cost: $36 with 3 "Virtual" Red Envelopes
Unable to join us live? Sign up anyway -Teleseminar will be recorded and emailed to you as soon as it's available! 
Pay On-Line with PayPal or credit card:  $40
($36 + $1 for three "Virtual" Red Envelopes + $3/one in each)
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