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What is BTB Feng Shui?


Evolving from a 4000 year old lineage, BTB or Black Hat Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is a non-traditional school of Feng Shui thought. Its tenants place more emphasis on the Spiritual and Transcendental aspects of the Feng Shui process as opposed to the more traditional schools that place emphasis on the four compass directions. 



Founded by the late H.H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche who brought BTB Feng Shui to the United States in the 80's from China. Professor Lin (as all his disciples affectionately referred to him as) was primarily responsible for the proliferation of Feng Shui's popularity and teachings not only in the West, but throughout the rest of the world as well. 



Andie & her business partner, Diane Hoffmann have had the great privilege to study under his tutelage and both are honored to be a disciple of his for twenty and fourteen years, respectively. For more information on BTB Feng Shui and Consultants Training Program, please visit... www.yunlintemple.org  



"It takes five hundred years of prayer and meditation for two people to cross on the same boat"  H.H. Prof. Thomas Lin Rinpoche

Working with Andie is transformative, not just in one's space, but in one's life. I have not encountered a practitioner like her. She is able to see so clearly and act so decisively and the results are immediately palpable. Andie has transformed my homes and offices over the years and the results have been beyond helpful, one could even say miraculous. 

- Ann Cecil-Sterman  Author/Director Classical Wellness Center NYC