What materials are needed for a Feng Shui Consultation?

What do I need to get started?

1- One/Two Page Overview reflecting your concerns and issues over the prior 6-12 months (approximately) regarding Mental & Physical Health, Relationships, Finances, Children, Work, Creativity and Projects, etc. Include any current changes or thing that you would like to bring into your life going forward, as well as anything else that you feel is important to you.    


2- Exterior Plan of Your Lot (if applicable)


3- Floor Plan of Each Floor of Your Home, Apartment, Office or Business. All rooms that are on the same floor should be shown together on the same page, not drawn separately (see photo). Indicate with squares and circles the location of all the main pieces of furniture/appliances in each room, show where all the doors, windows and staircase are located. Label bedrooms and mark which side of the bed that you (and others) sleep on. Floor and lot plans can be standard or hand sketched. They do not need to be perfect nor to architectural scale.


4- Red Envelopes - You will need a specific amount of red envelopes (9, 18 or 27), each with $1.00 bill inside leaving the last one open for the consultation fee. The envelopes are used for the Transcendental Blessing of the consult, client and the activation of the Feng Shui cures. If the consult is given on-site, then these are presented to Andie at the end of the Consultation. If the consult is via phone/Skype, they can be mailed to the New Jersey office along with the above materials requested. If clients are not local or live out of the country, they can then utilize our "virtual" red envelope system located under Store in our drop down Menu.


5- Submit: All materials (except reds, if consult is on site) above need to be submitted to office at least one week prior to the scheduled consultation time, unless other arrangements are made. These materials are required for all phone, Skype or on-site Consultations.   



I've known Andie for 14 years and have been in therapy sessions with her for the last year and a half.  Her intuition is uncanny at getting to the heart of an issue and her deep knowledge of different styles of energy work help further the clarity of a situation. Her background of Feng Shui, Ho'oponopono, Bach Flower Remedies, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Aura Soma and Feng Shui have all come into play at various times. Her fresh approach has helped me see the world in a new light.

                                                             - Susan M, Designer, Bronxville, NY

Consultation Fees

Fees vary for On-Site, Phone or Skype Consultations and will depend on the size of your home or business and if additional services such as Space Clearing and/or Travel fees apply. We accept checks, debit and most credit cards! Call the office or email us for an estimate.  AndieSantoPietro@gmail.com   1-347-452-3667 NY