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  Happy Chinese "Earth Pig" New Year!
                2019:The Year ...When Pigs Fly?
         With Andie SantoPietro, Feng Shui Expert/Author
TELESEMINAR: Wed. Jan. 23rd 2019: 7-8:30pm EST (4:00-5:30pm PST)
     ***Lecture will be recorded- if you can't make the scheduled time!***
Get a higher perspective on what's coming down the pike in the Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 (Feb. 5) with Andie's Feng Shui/Numerology/5D  look at the year up ahead.  Explore the energy of the "Earth Pig", how it will impact your finances and how to utilize it's chi for new ways of engaging, managing and moving your life forward. Feng Shui, and all of its Cures have changed. If you are willing to shift your thinking, roll up your sleeves and get down in the dirt- like the Earth Pig does -then everything can FLY...
  Pig Headed? Pigsty? Pigging Out ? Piggy Bank Chi ?It's up to you which of the Pig's energy you choose to resonate with...
Inspirational Support- Feng Shui Transcendental Cures and Q&A's!!
Tele-Seminar is on the phone or online.  $45 (plus 9 Reds)
***Special "Pig Year" Discounts for all Participants!!***
Feng Shui Consults/Intuitive Counseling Sessions & All Website Products 
PayPal or Credit Card:$45.00 plus a *9 "Virtual" Red Envelopes fee ($12.00) = $57.00 
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