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                   It's 9-9-9! And Your New Life Begins NOW!
              Recording of Teleseminar Available for Purchase!!  
                                       w/Andie SantoPietro                                                 
In numerology, 2016 is calculated to be a "9" year (major transitions & letting go). September is the "9th" month and...the "18th" adds up to a "9" day.  
All Equaling 9-9-9!   Whoa! 
After years and years of... Working, Understanding, Processing, Thinking, Re-thinking, Ascending, Trying to Making Sense, Holding on, then Letting go - we have now finally (read: really this time!) entered the last transition quarter of this loopy, crazy, upside down, sideways, epic 9 - "Fire Monkey Year"!
It's a New Day on the planet! Life will be getting e-a-s-i-e-r as the new human template begins to set and gel. Let's take a look at what's up ahead and explore acclimating to new perceptions as we rapidly awaken to our new lives and 5d reality!
Frequency Boosts, Entrainment Training & and a long-awaited chorus of "Auld Lang Syne" to the old remnants of our 3d thinking and life!
Class is now available for purchase as a teleseminar for $99!! Part 1 (2.5 hours) was recorded on Sept. 18 and Part 2 (2 hrs) was recorded Sept. 25. You will get a total of 4-5 hours! Email: Andiesantopietro@gmail.com or contact Diane at 609-799-0152. Choose a payment option below. Links will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment and Red Envelopes. 

2 Payment Options:

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