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Happy Year of the Water Tiger!


Andie SantoPietro

   3rd Rock 

                               from Sun


Water Tiger Cures to Wear, Hang & Carry!
Hurry - just a few left! Blessed by Andie! 
Email Diane for Prices & Options!

Buddha Crystal.jpg
Double Cord Bracelet2.jpg
Double Cord Bracelet.jpg
Green PIG.jpg
Orange Pig.jpg
Tiger Eye Bracelet.jpg

Happy Buddha Topper! 40mm Crystal

Single Strand  

Genuine Tiger'sEye

Double Strand!

Tiger's Bestie!
Small for Altar or Carry

Tiger's Best Friend!
Small for Altar or Carry

Buddha Crystal_edited.jpg

Valentine's Day
Special "Mandarin Duck" Relationship Cures
for all the Quacks in your Life! 
Blessed by Andie! 
Email Diane for Prices & Instructions!

Tiger's Bestie! 

MF Ducks on SM3.jpg
Duck Charm Large.jpg
Heart Topper.jpg
Lesbo Ducks2.jpg
Cord Bracelets.jpg

Rose Quarz- Mandarian Ducks

Small Carry Charms!

Double Heart Topper
w/40 mmCrystal

Triple Cure! Mandarian Ducks w/Sun-Moon Mirror & Chi Mating Bracelet

Blessing/Relationship Intentions Bracelets!  

Photography/Website/Created w/Love & Light by Andie SantoPietro © 2022

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