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                                   Andie's Mentor
HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche

Feng Shui Expert/
Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

     Andie SantoPietro

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      30 yrs. 


Best Selling Author

What is Feng Shui Design? 
4000 year old Art of Placement is based on similar principles of acuppuncture and Chinese Medicine

. The situation may be regarding a move to a different home or office, financial/work concerns, business/company challenges, relationship or health related issues, etc. Many times, the issue is not even something that the client is able to put their finger on - just an intuitive, gut feeling that something is "off" or a certain aspect of their life is at a standstill.


Andie blends her skills as a Psycho-Spiritual Therapist and her gifts as an Intuit with 20+ years as an internationally known BTB Feng Shui Expert/Author of two Best Selling Books on the subject. Her vast training and professional experience helps gets to the "heart of the matter" in a more expansive way, allowing her to assess what's contributing to the situation from many different angles including the emotional and spiritual, as well as from a Feng Shui energy perspective. 

Feng Shui Business & Office Consulting

for the Spiritually Minded Entrepreneur, Business Owner, CEO & Employee! 

Are you a "Conscious Business Owner" ?

Many Spiritually evolved individuals are quickly rising up in the business world, stepping into significant positions- either working for a company or more often for themselves.  As personal belief systems begin to shift and expand, so does the need for the way we choose to run a businesses, make financial investments , redefine success and create profitability. 

Creating prosperity, consciously from a place of inspiration (not fear), from a belief in universal abundance (not scarcity), that builds itself on a foundation of the greater whole (employees, the environment, bottom line) is the new spiritually based business paradigm for approaching success and making Money. 

 A Feng Shui Consultation of Your Business, aligns profit, profitabilty with consciousness, energy flow and  intention. It aligns your "physical space" with 


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