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If Source Energy is Infinitely Abundant,
and You Are Made of Its Light...

then why is this 'money thing' so challenging for most?

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3/8/8 (2+0+2+4=8)

In 5D everything is enhanced! The "3" month brings in the "creativity" energies and the number day/year "8" carries the exalted vibration of Self-Empowerment, Inner Authority and Access to the Unlimited Abundance that is our birthright
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When Downloaded into Your Energy Fields, these Higher Frequency Codes can Reset Your Old Money Patterns, Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness and Delete Expired "Survival" Programs from Current and Past Lifetimes.

Join us!  Your Gold Mine is Waiting...

    March 8,2024     Fee:$65  7-8:30PM

 Making Friends w/Money

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