And just like cell-phones and computers, our human processing system has also been upgraded from a slower 3D compressor to a more advanced 5D one. Emotionally, Spiritually, Creatively having the new features is pointless, if you don't know how to utilize them.  

Our subconscious mind, images, and gathered data is what creates the projected movie that we reference as our life/reality. As if on a continual loop, these emotionally charged programs, often unknowingly from this and other lifetimes, replay themselves in the form of anxieties, fears, projections, and obstacles. Keeping us in an old place, reinforcing realities that often we feel held captive in. 

My life's work as a GPS
t hrough visually refocusing and reshaping these energy structures,

My Soul Talk Sessions and Earth Management Classes, aim to empower my clients and students by teaching them how to use the new, advanced "5D wholing tools", for themselves. Empowering them with the latest advancements 5D Spiritual technology that can deactivate old patterns, expired 3D contracts, limiting belief systems and memories they have outgrown but haven't  necessarily"delete" from replaying in their subconscious mind. 



helping to create an empowered, evolved Earth human who has 

often i am sent out first to find the safest and quickest route to the next level, only to then bring back the map, tools and directions to the many others who are next in line waiting to expedite their journey forward.


  Soul Talk


      The Bigger Picture 



Learn how to live in the
   3D World...
  but not be
   of it...



5D Humans
  Living in a 3D World

My life's work as a GPS (God-Person-Satillite) for your journey here as you transition into your new 5D life and shift out from/of old limiting, fear based 3D programming.

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MyI work closely with my clients and students, empowering them with the cutting edge, 5D tools connecting them with/to their own Source-Light and advanced abilities as a 5D Creator. 



.coal mine, my lifes work has been to go ahead first, find the safest and quickest route/path through to the next level, then bring the map/directions back for the others so they can get to to guide.  I have been in service as the/a bridge, light tower, human GPS (God-Person Satillite) assisting thousands of souls through their personal life'sthrought he maze of their personal life as well as helping to advance humanity and collectively help humanity ascend into a higherversion of what we now know istruly possible. maze to stay on their path, 'be' the change, learn the new advanced 5D skills I am no stranger to pain or fear, i have not been given a dispensation for the often gueling 3D life mission, I am not jaded, hopeless, lack grounding or unrealistic of the challenges that we all face being Humans here on this planet. teach it  - often trying to find a path through all the confusion as a stranger in a new uncharted land.    I move in and out of Frequencies, Gender and Multiple Levels of 3D-6D Consciousness directingSource-Light Energies through my spoken and written Words, Soul-Talk Sessions, Feng Shui Designs and ....Earth Management Classes.