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5D Soul-Talk &  Frequency Upgrades

    The Bigger Picture 



  5D Soul Talk


      The Bigger Picture 

Counseling, Support & Frequency Upgrades for
"5D HU
mans Living in a 3D World"

Learn how to live in the
   3D World...
  but not be
   of it...


Get your Freq on...It's not what you "do" anymore, but what you "vibrate" to that matters!

Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically, Creatively & Financially - everything has shifted!

A 5D life brings with it a new type of HUman, one that requires us to think, feel, perceive and manifest differently!

Our subconscious mind, images, and gathered data is what creates the projected movie that we reference as our Life/Reality. As if on a continual loop, these emotionally charged programs, often unknowingly scripted from this, other lifetimes and  prior levels of consciousness (3D/4D), replay themselves in the form of anxieties, fears, projections, and obstacles. Appearing immutable, they keep us in an old place, reinforcing a day- to day life that we have already outgrown, but feel held captive in/to.

​Just like cell-phones and computers, our HUman  processing system has also been upgraded from a slower 3D compressor to a more advanced 5D version.
Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically & Creatively having these new features are pointless, if you don't know how to activate and utilize them.  

Soul Talk Sessions and Earth Management Classes, aim to empower by teaching you how to use the new, advanced "5D wholing tools", for yourself. Empowering you with the latest advancements 5D Spiritual technology that can deactivate old patterns, expired 3D contracts, limiting belief systems and memories they have outgrown but haven't  necessarily"delete" from replaying in their subconscious mind. 
Learning how to respond vs react, utilize cutting edge 5D tools, utilize 'source light', advanced abilities as a new 5D creator.

Photography/Website Created w/Love & Light by Andie SantoPietro © 2021

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