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Are You Ready to Financially Level-Up? 
This is the Year...this is the Class

Wix Mining for Gold Class 1-17-8.JPG

2+0+2+4 = 8
In 5D everything is enhanced! The number "8" carries an  exalted vibration that brings with it the Powerful Energies of Self-Empowerment, Inner Authority and the Access to Unlimited Abundance generated from Source Light itself!

When Downloaded, these Higher Frequency Codes can
Reset Your Old Money Patterns, Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness and Delete Expired "Survival" Programs
from Past and Current Lifetimes.

The first set of codes from the "8" year sequence is the most significant. Join us!

    Your Gold Mine is Waiting...

Jan.17,2024 7-9PM

 Making Friends w/Money


   Class Fee Includes:
$65 - 2 hr. Webinar, Reds, plus
$10 -Special Prosperity Talisman Blessed & Activated
During the
Webinar by Andie.
Gift Will Be Mailed to You After Class - Only Within USA.

Please Email Your Full Preferred Shipping Address to: 

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