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Soul Talk Series #1

      The Bigger Picture 




 Earth "Management" Classes

 Still Using the Old Operating System?

Creating vs Manifesting?

         April 22,  May 10 & June 1 -  2022   
   7:00-8:30PM (EST)  $180  Zoom/Recorded

 Feeling Like You Lost Your Mojo?
             It Might Not Be YOU...
The Energetically Based "Laws of Attraction"Have Changed Drastically!

Evolving Spiritually is Important... but so is the Ability to Make Money, be in Happy Relationships, Find Purpose, Peace and ....Create a Life!

Retrain Your Brain- Interactive Seminar 
HUman Polarity Has Shifted - Learn a Whole New Set of Tools
Work with Multidimensionality - Reconnect w/ Your 11 Selves - Delete vs Release -Reprogramming Masculine to a Feminine


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